Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

May 12, 2018


These are the posts where I can talk about all the random things that don’t need their own post, but that I still want to share with you all!

1. The hot weather hit this weekend and the pool is opening. Super exciting for my kids, but if I am being honest, less than enthused to bring 5 little ones to a large area of water. It’s a work out. They are the happiest in the water though so I am just going to chug some iced coffee and get myself jazzed up to make it happen. Really digging this new non-toxic spray sunscreen (I got a hold of some before release), this mini flamingo float for Zel, re-usable ice pop pouches, nice big sun hats, and large straw totes to make pool life easier.

2. We found a family car! A big ole’ used suburban with 9 seats. We grew out of our last car so it was time. We found it through my cousin (Dan Cummins Chevrolet) at such a steal, and we will be getting it just in time for a huge road trip out to the midwest to visit my sister. Now to just think of a name other than the Liesemeyer family wagon…

3. On the topic of cars, a few things in my amazon cart for the road trip: essential oil car diffuser, storage net for the back bench, and emergency seat belt cutters. Hey, you never know! Also loving these packing cubes and this travel kit for kids my friend Naomi just released for Target. I think Max and Rocco would love this.

4. I’ve been wanting to be more proactive in mental, physical, and emotional health so I finally joined a gym. I was doing just running or toning exercises when I could, but I could never seem to get past that 6 week mark before hitting a rut. I am hoping this holds me accountable. So far, I am trying to go a few times a week after I drop the kids off at school. I have seen how it busts a lot of bad energy and tension. I have been doing some boxing, weight lifting repetitions, running, and even hot yoga classes when I can catch them. Have you tried hot yoga? I didn’t expect to like it because who likes exercise in steamy rooms? Well apparently enough people where the classes are overbooked! So far so good. I will try to post more about what I am doing over here.


5. This Mother’s Day is such a different one from all the rest for me. I carry babies in my arms as well as ache for one who isn’t here. I wanted to share this video for anyone in a similar boat. It moved me to tears. So grateful for my little family, and the ability to see them through a new lens.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you. These flowers are for you;) I hope you get to spend it with people you love!

*(Dress: Sézane c/o // Shoes: Sézane)

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