Happy Halloween! We’re off to see the wizard…

October 31, 2018



I was doubtful we would find a family costume everyone was on board with this year, but after watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time last week we had a winner! My procrastination sent me all over town hunting pieces for seven costumes. I got lucky and found half of the pieces at a consignment store, half online, and we pieced together the rest! We thought it would be fun to show what actually goes into getting 5 kiddos ready for Halloween. It’s a two hour process compressed down to this two minute video;)

Read on for a few more pics and a few behind the scenes facts about all of these costumes!




  1. We used silver poster board and flexible dryer duct from the hardware store to make the Tin Man.
  2. Gabe made his own costume…hat included!
  3. I found my broom at Kroger, and it smells like cinnamon.
  4. Rocco’s munchkin costume was actually from Gabriel’s first halloween as a golfer. The lollipop is from the Christmas section at our local craft store.
  5. Glinda hates her hat, but is pretty proud of her “bah-rina” costume.
  6. I went into a consignment store with low expectations, and found Dorothy’s shoes in just the right size for $7.
  7. Max’s lion head piece has been used in two past family Halloween costumes. Can you guess which?


My motivation for these every year is to just make memories for my kids. I hope they can get a good chuckle out of this one day. We wish you all a very safe and Happy (is that possible when sugar overload is involved?) Halloween!

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  • Oh I just love it!!!! Your family costumes are something I look forward to every year 🙂
    Happy Halloween to the Liesemeyer gang!


  • Your kids are so adorable! I love your costumes!!

  • Michelle Torres

    Ok, this has to be my favorite family costumes yet, Wizard of Oz was my absolute favorite when I was a little girl and this just brings back memories ❤ You guys are the best and always do such an amazing job each year?

  • Selina Perry

    These are awesome!! I love seeing family costumes. We’ve done it the last few years and it does make such fun memories!! Last year, we were from the land of Narnia and it was our most creative one yet. So much fun!!

  • Hello Anna. I love your blog since I stumbled upon it when you wrote about how you and your husband met.

    I have a question: Which camera equipement and software do you use to make your videos like the one in this post. I’m in search of affordable equipment and easy editing software for my youtube motivational videos.

    By the way, I also love your blog because of your christian faith. I am a new christian and I love to see how you incorporate your faith into the blog. Thank you and God bless.

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