30 Day Clean Up!

November 2, 2018


Every year I claim I am going to slow down for the holidays, and yet I arrive to them pretty wiped out and feeling like my head is spinning! I want to make a conscious effort this year to make room for the things I am needing more of in my life, and step away from the things that are extra noise and unnecessary time and energy. When I mentioned this here, it seemed like many of you are feeling the same way, and so I decided to make a list of 30 prompts! These will be focused on cleaning up and organizing different areas of life in order to get rid of the physical, mental, and emotional clutter, and make room for a peace filled December. Are you with me?


I don’t think I have ever officially followed through with a 30 day challenge, so don’t be intimidated by the number! This is mainly meant to offer you ideas and concrete ways to take action on things taking up negative space in your life. I will be posting these daily prompts on my instagram stories @AnnaLiesemeyer as well as over on this facebook page. For those of you off of social media, don’t worry! I will post a re-cap at the end of the month with all 30 action steps.

It is so easy to rush through life, without taking time to step back on what is causing the anxiety, tiredness, internal conflict, mental anguish, etc. When we take a moment to think through the way we want our life to feel like, it allows us the ability to identify what might be preventing us from getting there! It also allows us the chance to take steps towards the peace we all desire.

I hope this initiative can be encouraging for you! Grab a good friend to do it with you, and let me know how it’s going.

Happy weekend to you all!


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  • Jessica Kent

    I love this idea! I do think social media and the pull between too much/when/guilt is taking up too much mental space so I’m going to try to get off completely fir these 2 months. I hate to miss your prompts though! I would love a weekly recap on the blog so I could follow along through November as well! ☺️ Great idea!

    • I think that is awesome! I would probably do the same if it wasn’t part of my work. ha! Yes, I will be posting the prompts here as well so stay tuned! x

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