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December 10, 2019

The last time we bought a mattress was right before Gabe and I got married….which was over 10 years ago. Needless to say, we were overdue for a new one since it was well worn and sinking fast. Both of us were waking up with achy backs, so we started to research best options for a new mattress. There are SO many on the market that we didn’t know where to begin. After reading about the engineering and science behind Current Mattress, we were very intrigued. We’re so excited to partner with them and share what we discovered about the connection with mattresses and how we wake up feeling each day!

Current Mattress- Sustainable made in the USA

The creator of Current has more than 30 years of technical knowledge and expertise in the mattress industry, which he applied to the development of their product. I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the key aspects that makes it stand out!

What the mattress looks like out of the box!


-Designed to do what your body needs. It’s uniquely engineered with the optimal ratio of foam to pocketed spring coils, to create a comfort system that ensures proper alignment, and quality sleep.Unlike other bed-in-a box mattresses, Current’s foam layer works in tandem with the custom-made pocketed spring coils to deliver the most comfort, since you’re not relying on only foam support.

Many mattresses are filled with foam and fillers, making that the primary “support system,” which initially feels great. However, it will sag significantly over time so that it is no longer responsive to your back. The bed breaks down after a few years and then so does your sleep. (Now it all makes sense!)

-Responds to the natural curve of your spine – with the right amount of foam, the pressure from your body weight is able to activate the pocketed spring coils to support all the pressure points. (When there’s too much foam, a person’s body weight can’t engage the springs buried below.) Also worth noting, kids really need firmer, supportive mattresses as they’re growing, and avoiding too much foam will also allow little bodies to benefit from the spring coil support, too!

-Reduces pressure where you need it – the pocketed spring coils are custom-made with the right balance of strength and flexibility, enabling them to respond appropriately to pressure needs.

spring and foam mattress

-Quality and Durability. Current is designed to perform “like new” years and years into its life. With the integrity of its premium pocketed coils, a Current mattress lasts for decades without a change in comfort or support. (Their materials meet the highest levels of industry certifications, so you know you’re bringing a safe product into your home.) 

I also love that they are made in the USA and have a 20-year warranty. Shipping is free with easy returns and refunds if needed during the free trial period. 

Current Mattress - best mattress for back ache, kids, family

I have been waking up so achy since having a baby, and after sleeping on this bed I woke up feeling rested for the first time in months. I could not believe what a difference it had made. I thought my sore neck and back was mainly from nursing a new baby. Gabe also had been struggling with sore joints which significantly reduced after we started using this mattress. I am so grateful to have better sleep quality moving forward! Let us know if you have any questions about Current, and hopefully this saves you time in researching which mattress to purchase!

Oh…and be sure to use the code IHOD for $150 off any mattress size before January 31! 

*Thank you Current for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.

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