The design direction for the new house.

August 5, 2020

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Since we are starting with a blank slate just like our last home, I wanted to take a little time to think through the design direction. I think it will help us a good deal to have an overall vision to guide all the big and small decisions we are going to face. Kind of like a life projection plan for a house. LOLZ. Here are some initial thoughts…

emma inspired
emma movie set and costumes

Images above from the newest adaption of Emma which was a visual splendor! I loved the pastel hues mixed with jewel tones, and the architecture of each movie set. (Although the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma will always be a personal fave.)

The dream would be to fix up an old 1920’s victorian home or a Spanish adobe. However, that doesn’t exist in the South;) I had high hopes of finding a southern cottage style to renovate, but that bubble burst when we saw how fast investors were pouncing on fixer uppers here in Nashville I let go of that idea as well. So as I re-adjusted my mindset, I really just kept praying for a home that would serve our family well for this chapter of our lives.

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After looking at HUNDREDS of homes online, we knew that we would most likely be finding a 70s-90s brick home which is pretty common in the suburbs of Nashville. That is exactly what we ended up finding by chance in a golden spot in a wonderful neighborhood. I’ve taken this past week to hash out some ideas for the potential style to see these good bones really come to life!

Yes you can turn a home into any style you want for you and your family, but I don’t want to force my old victorian dreams into a home that speaks a different language if that makes sense? I am still taking the influence of some of the colors of that era and seeing if I can work with it in a more transitional + bohemian style. What the heck is transitional and bohemian? Decoraid had the descriptions that seemed to define it most accurately.


TransitionalCombinations of tried & true décor styling utilizing traditional furnishings mixed with modern elements that keep a room from looking like too much of one particular style. The best of transitional style interior design boasts balance in the unexpected mix while lending a home warmth and a relaxed feel.

BohemianA globally inspired comfortable mix of vintage and antique furnishings sourced from passionate flea-market treks and travels, the eclectic style also touches on an overall relaxed mood.

(The Gristmill)

Laughing over the fact that both the styles I lean towards have the key word relaxed in them. Creating an environment my family can feel at home in is definitely at the top of my priority list. It definitely influences the design direction. Gabe likes a more traditional and mid-century modern style so we will see how it all comes together.


I already ordered way too many paint samples, have a tall list of ideas, and Gabe is frantically searching for all of his beloved tools in boxes around the garage. We are ready to get started! I love these tones above as inspo for the kids’ rooms.

I think my style has changed a lot over time, but I have always been drawn to color, pattern, and textile fun. I was thinking how fun it would be to do a design guide based on your enneagram number. I should work on that!

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  • Love it! Can’t wait to see what you do and hope it doesn’t give me the bug to overhaul over here. The emma movie looks beautiful will have to stream.

  • I absolutely love this! I know you’ll do your thing & make it so beautiful, warm & balanced.

    With love & peace,

  • Love your inspiration and can’t wait to see what you come up with! No doubt you will turn your new house into a home you and your family will love.

  • Eeee!! So excited to see the new house slowly come together. You have such a gift for making rooms feel lived in, in a chic manner, so can’t wait to see how your ideas pan out!

  • Sally Tandy

    I just started following you guys for your relaxed, down-to-earth vibe and love of family, and I am looking forward to watching what you do with your new space. Transitional and a touch of Bohemian are what best describe my design tastes. Thanks for taking strangers like me along with you!

  • Love the idea of not forcing your dream style on a house. Moving into a new place I always think about the idea of “genius loci”. I think drawing inspiration from that helps me appreciate the place for what it really is (even if it’s not that great).

  • jenn martin

    what color paint it that wall wih the pocket doors its beautiful

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