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December 8, 2020

bedroom design - loloi rugs

When decided to move our family to Nashville before the pandemic hit. The reasons behind our move were still the same even after so many changes hit so fast in our world. It is definitely much more challenging to adjust to a new city, school, and community without being able to interact with many people. However, I am so glad we are here. Gabe and I both still feel very much at peace it as the right move. This year has affected so many people in hard ways, that it has made me want to be more intentional than every before about how and what we share here.

Our goal has always been to share our home renovation, DIYS, and every day projects in a way that makes you feel like you can learn along with us. We hope that what we share encourages you to make the most of your own space, and make it a place that serves you and your family well.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. Completion of Chiara’s Nursery. We have never had a “nursery” so this was such a fun project to work on. It took longer than anticipated (of course lol) but I found the final furniture piece on FB marketplace this week, and I cannot wait to share the outcome.

  2. Dining Room Overhaul – I have been itching to add more color to our home, and this is going to be a bolder room! Painting starts tomorrow, and yes…wallpaper is on the menu. I know, I know. Whyyyy Anna? Why subject yourself to more stress? It’s because I can’t say no to beautiful patterns, and some stress is worth it;) Stay tuned for the design plans this week.

  3. Flooring Refinishing – Sanding and re-staining the main floor is something we know we needed to do when we bought the home since they are over 20 years old, and are worn and warped. We found a great contractor to help us with this, and it will need to happen before the kitchen renovation begins.

  4. Kitchen Renovation – We wanted to start this right away in the fall because it is grand central station for our family, but then the reality of life without a kitchen during the holidays was scary. We decided to start demo hopefully in the new year! Our kitchen series will continue, and we will share the process. We found a local company to help us with this in the new year. With covid, it will most likely be a slower process.

  5. Removing Built-Ins – Along with the floor renovation comes removing two of the 4 built-ins off the kitchen that we do not use/need in hopes of adding a built in pantry (the current one is very small for our family size), and a desk area for the kids to use. We will be attempting this demo ourselves. *Types with sweaty pits.*

  6. Replacing old carpet in the upstairs. – Hardwoods add immediate value to any home, but one thing we are evaluating is cost vs. return we could get on the home if we add hardwoods to the entire upstairs. The carpet is very old, so if we do not do full hardwoods we will be adding some new carpet. Gabe wants to learn to do hardwoods on his own because he’s Gabe, but we will see.

  7. The girls room design – The girls share a bedroom upstairs that has a good deal of space, and I know it could be used in a much more functional way than it currently is set up. In case we move to online learning, we really need a space for desks, so this kind of moved up on the priority list.

  8. Living room design – This won’t be too time intensive as it just needs paint, and a good layout to work with the piano and couch we already have!

  9. Small scale updates – The ones that won’t be complete overhauls: painting the boys’ room, swapping ceiling fans, updating light fixtures, and removing front porch awning.

We are very much slow pace, life with kids, doing things the best we can kind of a pace over here. I often wish we could create more content or execute all of the ideas I have at a more rapid pace, but then I think of how many of you are in the same boat – doing the best you can with what you have. You encourage me as well to keep going, and every time you share those little victories with us in your own spaces I am reminded of why we share at all. HOME is the center of day to day life, and if every bit of heart we put into it is worthy of our time and efforts.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

That being said, here is what you can expect to watch unfold in the coming year at the Liesemeyer Nashville home!

I hesitate to put anything else on this list knowing the reality of our pace this coming year, so that’s all I will share for now!

Photo by Brigette Billups

We knew this wouldn’t be our long term home, but we still very much want to make it feel like a home that flows well for our family, and add value to it in the process. We will approach everything a differently with so many economy unknowns, but will do our best to be creative with how we achieve the original design goals.

Thank you for being a community we can look forward to connecting with each day. Wishing you warmth and peace this season!

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  • Christina Yep

    Love all the updates…and you all! You are a breath of fresh air in this space and can’t wait to see all you accomplish this year!

  • I love that you work at a normal pace! My family just bought a home (after a stressful mid-pandemic move) and we are doing small renovations as well. It is encouraging to see you take time to complete a room, use what you already own, and buy secondhand from FB marketplace!

  • WILDKAThqp

    way. Handwritten book

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