Holiday Gift Guide: For Babies, Kids, and Pre-teens

November 10, 2021

We have a three gift tradition for each of our kiddos and they think long and hard about what to wish for each year. since we now have ages spanning baby through 12 yrs old, we wanted this post to be a helpful gift guide of things our kids have really loved and used over the years. If you have local toy stores (We love Philips Toy Store here in Nashville), support them first if you can! They may have many of these items!

gift guide for kids


These items were selected for the baby to 3 yr olds in mind!

1. This soft baby doll was Chiara’s first baby doll last year, and it comes with a magnetic pacifier and bottle!

2. This is a great wooden train set bundle. Oh the hours Gabriel played with train tracks when he was little.

3. Chiara has this stacking rainbow in her room. A great learning toy/ nursery decor.

4. A sweet silicone nesting bear set I ordered for Augustine.

5. A great way to personalize a gift for a niece, nephew, or godchild.

6. My kids have always loved these Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles the most!

7. Step 2 Motorcycle is perfect for 2 to 3 year olds. Rocco and Azelie got these one year and now Chiara uses it.

8. This magnetic fishing game is perfect for the 3-4 yr olds.

9. A wooden tea set that comes with all the necessary pieces for a proper tea party (which happen almost daily at our house.)

10. I had this Fisher Price record player when I was a kid so of course had to get one for the girls!

11. Stacking cup sets are always loved by the 1-2 yr range. (Especially knocking them down.)

12. A great wooden play food set we love.

13. Had to grab this Christmas cookies set for Cheech. She loves to bake in her play kitchen.

14. All of my kids went through a phase of wanting to have tools like Gabe. Love this little workbench.

15. We actually just put the case of kinetic sand on the outside picnic table and even in colder temps the kids will sit and play with it for long periods of time.

16. I usually avoid anything that makes noise, but this Leapfrog Learning Laptop has been a lifesaver in the car.

17. – 20. Those of you who follow us on IG stories are familiar with Chiara’s many capes and dress ups she wears daily. These are the ones we gave her for her birthday.

gift guide for kids


These items were selected for the baby through 4 – 9 yr olds in mind!

1. These wooden shape activities are great for the 4-5 age range.

2. A snazzy pair of roller skates. (Veronica got a pair when she was 8.)

3. Watercolor set and brushes has been a weekly go-to for most of my kids.

4. This mini double bunk set is great for dolls or stuffed animals. I often walk into a makeshift vetrenarian hospital in the girls’ room.

5. The Captain America Nerf Shield is on Max’s Christmas wishlist.

6. A great first digital camera for younger ages. 

7. Walkie talkies are a fun sibling gift. I suggest rechargeable batteries!

8. We gave Max a few of these crazy contraption sets for Christmas (8yrs), and he used them throughout the year.

9. – 11. Some of my personal favorite kids books. My boys love to tell jokes out of this wee hee hee book, and all of them loved the planet fold out book and Bees book.

12. A family game we are giving the kids this year.

13. Electronic Snap Circuits was a big hit with Gaber and Max. (I would say best for 7-11 yr range.)

14. I think these micro kickboard scooters are brilliant. Maybe it prevents parents having to carry the scooters for half of the walk?

15. Holy Family Dolls – Love this who set so much!

16. A few of the kids have these headphones, and they are adjustable and comfortable for most sizes.

17. We got the kids these mini mP3 players for their birthdays, and it’s perfect for car rides. The headphones work well with them also. 

18. Azelie who is always singing has been wanting a karaoke machine, and I would say this bluetooth karaoke microphone is a good compromise. We may regret the amplified noise. 

19. Klee play makeup is a trustworthy clean and safe line for kids!

20. These magnetic building sticks are the coolest! Rocco and Max love to build and construct, so I am always on the lookout for toys that encourage that creative side. Just make sure to store safely away from babies.

21. Magic model clay is popular with my kids this year. They all love it.

22. V got this sewing basket a few years ago, and has sewed many outfits for her Felicity doll ever since!

gift guide for pre teens


These items were selected for the 10 to 13 yr olds in mind!

1. An electric keyboard is more of an investment, but a great option for those kids serious about learning music. Gabriel has been asking for a few years so he can plug in his headphones and learn from his room. Costco has them right now too for a steal!

2. I don’t know what it is about sleeping bags, but my kids are always very excited and proud when they get their own. This is the one Gaber has.

3. & 4. This friendship bracelet book and strings set is what I just ordered for Veronica. (10 yrs.) She loves to make friendship bracelets.

5. We give the kids a game each year and we kept hearing about Ticket to Ride!

6. & 7. A great digital camera and case for the pre-teen age. Veronica got this for her birthday.

8. Fishing backpack with tons of room for bait cases.

9. All of the fishing tools you need for fishing. Pairs well with #10.

10. This is the fishing rod and reel Gabriel got for Christmas last year. He uses it all the time.

11. I think my kids will fight over this one. A blow up lounge chair you can use for movie nights, at the beach, or the lake!

12. Beautifully bound classic books like Little Women or Anne of Green Gables (my two faves).

13. Keeper of the Lost Cities is the series Gabriel and Veronica couldn’t put down. Their cousins told them about it, and it made me happy they were so into reading this summer.

14. A great starter long board .

15. This hard case roller suitcase is various colors, and was something Veronica was really excited about.

16. & 17. We have several aspiring artists around here, and the colored pencil roll up and water color brushes have been some favorites.

18. Starter guitar and accessories for a great price point for kids eager to learn!

19. I love this Gabb Watch as a smartphone alternative. Has GPS, allows texting, and safe parental controls. It allows us to communicate with them when they are at sports or around the neighborhood. (Promo code: ANNA10 for 10% off)

I have found some great items like American girl acessories, audiobooks on cd, and brand new dress up costumes on the Mercari second hand app as well. A great place to check!

P.S. Our favorite Christmas books here.

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  • Anna, this list is fantastic – thank you! Can you tell us more about your three gift ritual? I’d love to know how you phrase it with the kids, if the gifts are big/small etc, do clothes and books and the things they “need” that we can also handily wrap count? And really any other details that you’re willing to share! We have a 6,4, and 2 year old and we’re really trying to be conscious consumers and focus on what Christmas is really about, but MAN it’s hard when the kids are out and about in the world getting so many inputs from kids around them. Thank you! And happy thanksgiving!

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