IHOD Holiday Gift Guide: Family Games

December 15, 2021

family games



We give the kids one family gift every year which is always a game. These have all been ones we have played many times through the winter months or over visits with cousins. A few of these my own siblings and I love to play too. We are always looking for a good game rec if you want to share any of your own favorites below!

  1. Stratego – A lesser known two person strategy battle theme game. 8 yrs and up. My oldest son loves to play this with Gabe. I am not sure why the price is higher these days, but you can find it on ebay for less.
  2. Sleeping Queens – A card game for all ages that my kids love to play. 2 – 5 people. (I would say 6 yrs. and up)
  3. Clue + Monopoly – We found this reversible wooden board game set at Costco last year. It includes Monopoly and Clue, and our kids have used it frequently. It’s a fantastic set that has held up much longer than our other board games.
  4. The Game of Life – This is a humorous take on life, but entertaining and for ages 8 and up. 2 to 4 players. I used to play this all of the time with my sisters!
  5. Qwirkle – A good mind stretching sequence game that is great for up to 4 players. Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  6. Bananagrams – This is a love or hate game in my fam, but it’s a great quiet game to play. Reminds me of scrabble on speed mode. Up to 8 players, 7 yrs +.
  7. Risk – Another great strategy game that involves rolling dice for territories. 2 -4 players , 10 yrs +
  8. Hedbanz – Rocco and Zel love playing this with me. It’s a great guessing game for the younger ages.
  9. Ticket to Ride – A strategy game for building railroad tracks around the U.S. This is what we got for the kids this year. 2 – 5 players, 8 yrs. +
  10. Scattergories – I was excited to re-discover this one! Challenges you to think of items in different categories based on what letter you roll. 2 to 6 players. 12+ up.
  11. Classic Guess Who – Pretty sure everyone knows this one! I love the classic version. Two players. Ages 6+
  12. Cover Your Assets – My family had an epic tournament last year and ever since this became a hit with my kids too.
  13. Pirate King – Made by the same creators of Cover Your Assets, this one was a hit with my boys. 3 – 6 players, 8 yrs.+
  14. Sushi Go – My family told me about this one. You can choose difficulty level and earn points by picking winning sushi combos. 2 – 5 players, 8 yrs. +
  15. Catch Phrase – This original version is such a fun game for a crowd. You can divide into teams, it’s high speed, and humorous. Ages 10 yrs. + Up to 12 players (I would say even more!)
  16. Monopoly Deal – A fun take on Monopoly but at a much faster pace. Easy to travel with! 2 – 5 players , 8 yrs. +
  17. Catan – This game got us through a loooong KS winter early in our marriage. We would play with friends all of the time. Strategy, trading, and competition. Still a favorite of ours to play with our older kids.

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