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November 23, 2021

best panel ready fridge - Jenn aIr

I crowd sourced for personal stories/feedback back in the spring when we were researching appliances, and it was really helpful in deciding which brands to avoid and which perform well! As you are probably well aware, the appliance industry has experienced major delays this year, and the timing of when we could receive them weighed into our decision as well. I wanted to share an overview of which brands received the best reviews and which received the worst. Maybe it will save you a headache and a hefty repair bill…

best integrated refrigerators

(The top panel arrived late, so that top section is usually covered in a black panel.)

Refrigerators – (Prices vary greatly per model.)

Bosch – An average 4.8 out of 5 star in customer reviews.
Thermador (owned by Bosch)
Fisher and Paykel
Maytag – Best value for high quality french door.
Frigidaire *Best Price
Kitchen Aid *Best Price

Samsung (Most of the negative feedback was related to the broken ice makers.)
Whirpool – (mixed reviews)

What we chose:
We really wanted a counter depth fridge to give us a little more walking room in between the island and wall. Since we have a fridge in the garage we were ok with the more shallow depth. (‘m pretty sure it will also help us with less food waste since we tend to never see what gets shoved to the back of the deep fridges!) After visiting a local appliance company called A-1 appliance here in Nashville, we decided to go with the Jenn-Air 42 in. french door model. It receives high reviews, is made in the U.S. so parts are easier to replace, and had the integrated panel ready option. It is a great use of space, and it is known for keeping produce fresh for longer periods of time. It definitely was over budget for us, and makes me a little sweaty thinking about it. However, it is hands down one of the most impactful differences made in our kitchen.

Keep in mind if your appliance is from another country, it may be difficult to replace parts if needed.

ilve stove


Cafe Appliances
Amana Cooktop
Blue Star
Fulgo Milano Induction
Maytag *Best price, and everyone says Maytag products last forever!
Kitchen Aid

Mixed Reviews
Hallman (Customer service issues)

GE Cafe
Thor (Bad customer service)

What we chose:
We personally wanted a gas range stove. I love the style of the french ranges, but not the price tag. When I discovered the ILVE Nostalgie Series stove, I loved their customizable features and similar french range style. There are 5 total burners. This is currently being installed so if all goes well we will have a working stove just in time for Thanksgiving.

While a double oven would be wonderful, we chose to use the budget towards the counter depth fridge for more flow space in the walkways. I think it’s a common misconception that big families need a double stove, but we have been happy with a standard size. In retrospect, I do wish we would have opted for the 36 in. as this particular 30 in. model is a little smaller INSIDE the oven than we had expected. (For reference – 2.7 cu ft) It will work nonetheless!

jenn air dishwasher
best dishwashers



Whirpool *Best price

We didn’t receive any strong opinions advising against any dishwasher brands, but feel free to weigh in below!

What we chose:
We decided to go with a Jenn-Air dishwasher for a few reasons. We purchased this as well from our local appliance store because it included install as well as service repair if we ever need it. It was so nice being able to view the appliances in person, and see their features up close before purchasing. The prices were comparable to online. They did a fantastic job installing both the fridge and the dishwasher as well as the panels. (The hardware was pre-installed on the panels by our cabinet makers.) Jenn-Air is a U.S. brand so any parts or repairs needed should be easier to come by! We need this dishwasher to last since we use our dishwasher frequently, and this one had great reviews.

In a year we plan to do a follow up post on how everything is working in our kitchen. If you have any feedback to share on your personal experiences with appliance brands, feel free to leave them below!

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  • Do NOT get a GE dishwasher. And all the appliance folks we talked to said that the GE today is not even what it was 10 years ago and told us to not even get a fridge, stove, etc from them. Whirlpool, Maytag, and kitchen aid are all made by the same company and use the same parts- you just pay for the name and a few more bells and whistles with kitchen aid vs whirlpool but quality is the same (per an appliance vendor).

    • Lauren Lacey

      I notice that you didn’t mention microwaves. We recently installed a Thermador Pro range after our combo wall oven/microwave died after 21 yrs. We love the new stove and oven but now need a microwave. Considering a built-in under counter style but the price tags are so high. Any feedback? Our appliance installer said that ALL microwaves, regardless of brand, are made by Sharp. It is the outside cosmetic appearance that varies them but the guts are the same. What did you decide?

  • Sandy Wiseman

    Did you receive any comments on Viking Refrigerators? We love the Viking Column refrigerator because the compressor is on the top, but can’t tell if the ratings are very well.

  • Did you receive any comments on Viking Refrigerators? We love the Viking Column refrigerator because the compressor is on the top, but can’t tell if the ratings are very well.

  • Beautiful kitchen!! Would you mind sharing what kind of hood you went with?

  • Liz Anderson

    Hi! Have you been happy with your Jennair fridge? I’m trying decide between it and a subzero, and have been reading some concerning reviews about its quality in terms of the freezer thawing, the produce drawers freezing, and the door braking. I’d love to hear your experience!

    • Would love to know how all these appliances are holding up and if you’re happy with your decisions!

  • Shelby Ellison

    Hi there!
    What vent did you use above the range? We are looking for one with a shallow depth.

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