Kitchen Renovation Timeline + Layout

October 5, 2021

Well, after a year of planning, scheming, and dreaming….the kitchen renovation officially commences today. In many ways I am so glad we didn’t rush this process, and took the time to think through every detail. Since the kitchen is a place we spend so much time in, we wanted to make sure we really get it right. I admit when we started the design, I was naive to the amount of time and decisions involved in a gut renovation. Today I wanted to share a break down of what the timeline looks like because it all has to flow like a row of dominoes.

(A preview of the hood range design.)

Before scheduling contractors, detailed plans/elevations must be completed. We were able to work with Gabe’s mom on these since she is an expert in the field who has designed many spaces and kitchens. Our initial design ended up changing a few times before we finalized and sat down with our cabinet makers. This meeting is where we finalized plans, and got everything approved including the custom hood range design.

kitchen renovation progress

Week 1:
– Remove old cabinetry, sink, plumbing, and appliances. (We will be re-purposing a good deal of the cabinets to use on the workshop side of the garage.) This takes approximately 1 day)

– Scheduled electrician and plumber come to re-wire for appliances, add wiring for new lighting, adjust supply lines, switch out outlets, etc.

kitchen renderings

Future cabinet, refrigerator, and pantry placement

Week 2:
– Cabinetry installed (Approximately one full week)
– Countertop fabricators create template

Week 3:
– Cabinets painted
– Doors installed
– Hardware installed

Week 4:
– Sink installation
– Countertops + backsplash installed
– Appliances + faucet installed
– Lighting installed

kitchen demo - renovation

We ordered our appliances well in advance knowing there have been major delays in that industry (more on what we chose and why coming up next week). We have been storing the stove in our garage, the fridge is being held at the appliance store, and our dishwasher is on the way. We will be re-using the older fridge that was here when we moved in our garage!

kitchen renovation

There are many moving parts to this renovation, and since we are living in our home during the whole process, we had to really think through day to day logistics. We set up a mini station in our dining room for dishes, coffee maker, electric skillet, etc. We have a utility sink in the garage for washing dishes, and a temporary pantry set up where the permanent once will eventually go. Our fridge is currently in our living room! We will doing a lot of outdoor grilling, easy meals, and pizza most likely. It is as chaotic as it sounds, but I am just grateful this is happening before the holidays.

I am so used to unhinged cabinet doors, broken appliances, and twenty green paint colors that it’s been hard to visualize the final outcome, but here we go!

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  • The twenty green paint colors needs to live on in the garage 😂

  • Faith Deverill

    I’m sorry if you’ve explained this somewhere previously: I’m curious why the pantry cabinets aren’t going to ceiling as well? As a perpetual renter, I’m so excited to live vicariously through this reno while I keep cleaning 90’s green marble laminate and orange oak cabinets. 😉

    • Hi Faith! Since the pantry is inbetween the kitchen and the living room, we wanted it to be a more transitional piece that looks like furniture vs built in cabinetry! Thanks for following the reno! This is something we have been hoping for a long time so it feels surreal to see it happening!

  • You are saving a ton of time by not moving or updating the layout of appliances, etc. so that’s a good move. It looks like you had Gabe’s mom to assist on elevations, not renderings – I’m a designer and builder by trade so it’s just a pet peeve of mine mixing the language. I know you’ll get asked and probably already did, but with such a big family, expanding to a 36″ or 48″ range certainly wouldn’t have been unexpected, especially if you’re removing all the existing cabinetry. The range hood will look very nice and custom and really open up that wall.
    We completely gutted and revised our layout, gc’d the job myself, as well used RTU cabinets and DIYed a ton of the work and it was about 10 weeks before we were back cooking in there with still backsplash and details to go. A 130 year old house isn’t easy to work in though.
    I hope yours moves along smoothly in your 4 week timeline!

    • Hi Michelle – yes you are right! They are elevations. I had renderings on my mind as we are working to develop those as well – yikes. We definitely could have gone with a wider stove, and visually I would have loved that more. However, the 30 in has always served us well so we used the budget money elsewhere. So incredible you were able to do all of that reno work on your own – I know it isn’t easy. I bet you appreciate it all the more!

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  • Ayvee Lavender

    Hi Anna! Was it hard / and or expensive to get a gas line put in for the stove? I would love to do this to my home as well but not sure what to expect! We have an electric stove and our house is on a slab.

  • Shahad AlTurki

    what did you use as kitchen hood and is it effective since its far away from the stove..
    Thank you ♥️

  • “This is fantastic! A year of planning sounds thorough, but it ensures you get your dream kitchen. Love the domino effect analogy – makes perfect sense! Bathroom Renovations So excited to see the renovation

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