winter skin and hair care

Winter Favorites

January 26, 2022

winter skin and hair care

Winter in the south isn’t half as long or as cold as winters in the midwest where I grew up. So for the sake of my northern friends I will avoid complaining. However, I admit the early sunsets and dark mornings turn me into an actual slug. After listening to a 1000 hrs outside podcast, I am determined to change both my winter gear and my mindset. Today I am passing along some recommendations of things that have gotten me through the postpartum and winter months with a little more grace.


electric blanket
  1. Gabe gave me with this plush electric blanket a few Christmases ago, and I am addicted to it. I keep it on my bed, and look forward to curling up in it every night with a good book or show. It also got me through so many hard winter evenings when I was pregnant with Augustine and feeling super nauseous. It’s soft and plush with several heat settings you can adjust.
  2. I know I have shared about this one before, but it truly is one of my winter lifesavers. My kids and I all tend to get chapped lips. This is a very creamy Trubee beeswax based lip balm that is the best I have ever tried, and it’s only $4.
  3. I tend to get restless legs at night, and magnesium always helps. I heard about this moon juice from a friend, and have been using it all winter. All it takes is a spoonful mixed in water, and it tastes really good!
  4. I needed all of the expandable waist line pants during postpartum and holiday months. These already sold out it looks like! (Not surprised because they were a great price.) Here is a similar pair that will hopefully go on sale soon.
  5. I’ve talked about packing aromatherapy heat packs in my hospital bag, but recently got one that wraps around your neck. We have used it many times for headaches, achey muscles, etc.
  6. I had a con-air curling iron all of my teen and college years through now. I have had my eye on the T3 1.5 in. barrel and found it on ebay! It curls easy loose waves, and it cuts hair prep time in half. You can swap out the barrel for different sizes too.
  7. I have been needing a hydrating mask for my hair, and this Dae Monsoon Mask did wonders. It’s a leave in treatment you can do on occasion that leaves your hair feeling super smooth and hydrated. Smells divine!
  8. For the past few years I have taken Equilibria CBD liquid drops and soft gels to help with sleep and anxiety. (After talking with my doctor!) I still get asked about these frequently, so wanted to leave them here as something that has been a helpful tool for me. You can still use code “inhonorofdesign” for an additional %15 off sitewide.
  9. My favorite powder bronzer is discontinued, but really love this RMS Buriti Cream bronzer for a glowy warm up around the face.
  10. Still love these furry house slippers. Maybe a little too much.
  11. I have a stack of books I have been slowly making my way through, and Atomic Habits is one of them. Wow. So much to think about. Re-thinking how I approach habits and goals in all areas of my life!
  12. I love a good face tanner, but don’t love the harsh chemicals used. I found a good clean ingredient option called Beauty by Earth that has worked really well. Instead of a dark tan, it looks more like your natural color in the summer.

Happy wintering!

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  • Ashley Smith

    This list kind of makes me want to stay in the winter season all year long. You make it sound heavenly (which it kind of is in a way)! I feel like we are on the same wavelength because some of these things I’ve been hunting for over the last few weeks! A hair mask is one of them! I found one I wanted to try and it sold out so I haven’t bought one yet! I’m going to give this one a try. Thanks! One tip I found while hunting for one was to wet hair the night before you wash it (but don’t shampoo). Gently brush through wet hair and liberally apply the argan oil mask (I think it was just argan oil so I’m going to try this with any brand). Then loosely
    braid, sleep on it, and wash it out in the morning. This might be a known trick but it was a new idea for me. Seems easy and inexpensive! Also same with having the same curling iron until recently! I bought this same brand that I too watched for awhile. You are genius for checking eBay! I use it often but didn’t think about it for this for some reason! Shucks! Thanks for a cozy post Anna! I don’t have an electric blanket on my bed but I just might pull out the heating pad to improvise because it sounds so great! 🥰

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      I a so glad this could help! I want to try that tip. thank you for sharing! The electric blanket is probably my favorite winter item, although it makes it tough to ever want to get out of bed!

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