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hospital bag essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials - Little Hip Squeaks

I have finally arrived. My due date is Friday and next week I will most likely have my new little one in my arms. I have spent the last few days dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s and am thankful to have this time to prepare and rest up. It has been a whirlwind month so these last few days were so needed. Gabriel and Veronica are anxiously awaiting the baby I keep talking about that is going to be all theirs:)

After going through this a few times, I realized packing a bag for the hospital is way easier once you know what you are going into. There are only a few things you actually need and use, and several things you think you will need that never get touched. (ie: that book I thought I would have time to read?!)

These are just a few things I know I will use in those first few days with my little one:

Comfy tees and pajamas – get me out of those hospital gowns! I am packing the softest tees, gown, and pajama bottoms to wear as soon as they let me!

Bumped by Blanqi postpartum tank – to help with post partum support and first days of nursing. So helpful with those post birth cramps and first attempts to feed.

Lara Bars: For when the hospital food doesn’t quite cut the bill. There the only bars I have found without sugars that provide a good amount of protein and fiber.

Soft and snuggle worthy baby clothes – I have a few boy and girl outfits ready to go passed down from Gabriel and Veronica. The take home outfits are c/o Little Hip Squeaks. (I die over everything in her shop!) Since we happen to have two “M” names picked out that we most likely will use, I just made onesies in both colors. I am never this prepared btw..

Healing Balm – I used this balm from Honest Co. on my belly throughout my pregnancy to help when it was feeling dry and tight. Plan on using it for deep moisturizing for baby and I in case we need it.

Aeromatherapy Hot/cold Pack – I mentioned this in my First Trimester Survival Kit post and will most certainly use it on tired, sore, and achy muscles in the hospital.

Blankets – Packing some swaddlers and just one extra blanket for me to feel a little more at home:) (The one pictured is from Dwell Studio)

Not pictured: All those lovely feminine products and pads we are doomed to the first weeks post partum, my rosary for spiritual strength, and my own ibuprofen since they charge you for every single thing you use of theirs insurance or not!

What were/are some of your essentials for the hospital??




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Announcing: The Brand Market

As some of you have gathered through instagram, it has been an eventful week! I did not originally intend to have everything fall on one week, but the way I look at it, better to have it fall on those weeks when you have all that nesting energy right? Well, today is the day we are so excited to share a creative idea we have been working on for a while! We are thrilled to announce….

The Brand Marketmeet the team

I am a lucky girl. I met two of the coolest gals in the Atlanta area who shared the same vision of wanting to help creative business owners make their brand a successful one. Not only that, but these girls are photographers and graphic designers with loads of experience on what makes a brand thrive.

Savannah, Jenny, and I got together some months back to discuss how we could best offer a resource for entrepreneurs who have approached us with branding, photography, blogging, and marketing questions. We came up with a solution that got us giddy excited to share and we hope it will become a great resource for some of you! We are so proud to launch these workshops and can’t wait to share more details! Visit the site for current information, and stay tuned for the new website coming in August!


A little about what we will cover in the trifecta of the creative business world:

Photography – We tend to be visual people. The key to an attractive site is strong phtography. We will be covering everything from photo lighting tips to post processing. Styling a creative set up and personal portraits are also on the menu. To hear more about how we will tackle aspects of photography and styling we will cover, visit Savannah!

Branding – A Strong Brand Identity can make an impacting first impression and a lasting one. We will be providing one on one brand consultations, as well as the going through the steps to integrating a successful brand throughout every aspect of your business. To hear more about what we will be working through on this topic, visit Jenny!

Marketing – You can have the most ingenius product or brilliant site in the world, but if you do not market your business, it most likely will not thrive. Marketing is the wheels on the vehicle. I had to learn and navigate my way through  this aspect of being an entrepreneur and wish I would have had a workshop that went through all the A,B, and C’s for me!  We are going to do our best to bring you the best tips for marketing strategy, the do’s and don’ts, the power of the right tools, and the most natural way to find your niche in the creative realm. We will be your partner in arming you with all of the right resources to feel confident in your brand, and share it in the most effective ways.


Our first workshop will launch here in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 9th, with a second workshop to follow in Greenville, SC! *We might be spreading our wings to more cities! Email us if this is something you would want to see come to your town and if we get enough requests from a certain city, we may just put it in our schedule in the upcoming year!

We would so appreciate your support along the way of our new venture!
We have set up ways for you to be the first to know about details of The Brand Market and behind the scenes previews as our business unfolds:
Hashtag #brandmarketworkshop



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Shop Scoop: Hugh & Crye

Hugh and Crye | IHOD
Hugh and Crye Shirts
Hugh and Crye Tailored Fit


*Aubrey Shirt c/o Hugh and Crye

As you may have gathered, my husband is usually the one behind the camera around here. Once in a while, I ask him if he would oblige me with a couple posers.
What a champ for obliging me.  So here’s his best  serious shots;) His nickname on the Rugby field in college was “Hansel”…can you guess why?? Owen Wilson might have something to do with it…

Gabe is a middle school teacher and administrator and so he is dedicated to the shirt and tie look during the school year. The beard is a summer thing, but it suits him well, no?
He rarely finds shirts that fit right off the shelf. He has to have them tailored since he is a taller and narrower build. When we were introduced to Hugh and Crye and their easy fit guide, we were all about giving it a try. The shirt fits him like a glove.  No tailoring required. Score. I’ll be honest, this shade of blue and the fit has me feeling a little intimidated by his good looks….;) Needless to say this site will be a frequent shop we visit….not to mention the design and set up is superb.

So a few Q’s for the man of the hour…we can’t let him slip by unheard from can we??

Thoughts on the new shirt?

Fantastic shirt! I have a hard time finding button down shirts to fit properly and therefore nearly always need to have them tailored. This one fit spot on straight away. Light and comfortable, but for those who are regular tie wearers this means a little more challenging to iron. Small price to pay for the quality, and as my wife knows I am all about quality…

Last movie you saw?

Man of Steel. I enjoyed it. Good story line. Good cinematography and style. And Clark in a beard reminds me of, well, ME! So thats a plus. (I may or may not be serious…)  Although as a staunch comic book fan there were a few things about the movie that bothered me a bit, but that is because I am a purist. The average viewer probably wouldn’t pick up and point out these elements, but there are many over the internet if you would like to find them.

Cool website or app you like to frequent?

Favorite app is without a doubt  Flipboard. I am a news and information junkie and with the Flip I can customize and compile many different news sources into one location, giving me diverse points of view. Also a great source to put all of one’s blogs and feeds in one place.

Baby #3 is about to make its debut. Are you ready?

Can you ever be fully ready? Nope. That’s why I am just enjoying this phase of life with a brood of two and soaking up the time in order to properly enjoy the next phase with a brood of three. Being ready set aside, I am incredibly excited! How can I not be? We are bringing another life into the world, and if this life is anything like the goofballs which procede him or her it is going to be one entertaining ride. I just hope this one will be tough enough to hold his or her own against my two current tornadoes.

Happy weekend friends!

 P.S. Some really exciting news happening over the weekend if you want to follow along on instagram! ALSO, a big announcement coming to you on Monday! (As if having a baby wasn’t enough, right??)


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