Make//Hang .01 – Giant Corkboard Letters DIY

DIY Cork Board Letters via IHOD
DIY Corkboard Letters via IHOD
DIY Cork Letters via IHOD

24” x 36” Cork Panel (Use their %40 off coupon)
Hand Saw (picked mine up at Lowe’s for $6 – just make sure its fine tooth)
Ruler and pen
Hammer and Nails
*If you are making smaller letters you can just buy the cork squares that should only require exacto knife to cut.

Giant letters are at antique markets everywhere these days, and I have seen cork letters in smaller sizes. Since they are easy to make, they are more affordable to do them yourself. I wanted a larger size so I used the large cork panel to cut the letters from. You could use a series of letters (A,B,C would be fun for a children’s room) or just a solo one, and even do shapes rather than letters. You can potentially make up to three letters with this size panel.

1) Using your ruler and pen, draw your letter.
2) Placing the board on its side on the floor, hand saw your way through the lines. The saw I use was very direct and stayed along the lines easily. It took a total of 15 minutes to saw the three sides of the L. The inside of the panel is a tougher material and the outside is cork.
3) Nail to the wall until the nail disappears in the cork or use a strong mounters tape.

Easy enough, right? Its a fun addition to a gallery wall and allows you to change things up from time to time.

Tried an IHOD project recently? Would love to see!


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Lisa Leonard $50 Credit Giveaway

Lisa Leonard Jewelry
lisaleonardbracelet lisa leonard giveaway
Lisa Leonard Bracelet (15% off with newsletter sign up!) // Red Envelope Clutch

Before I say anything about this line of jewelry, please read about Lisa’s family and her son’s story. It’s profound and it is beautiful, and I look up to her in so many ways. Its completely jaw dropping to see how she has turned her talents as a jewelry designer into a business to support her loved ones. She is a rockstar in my book.

Okay now we can talk about how splendid the accessories are… The colors, the monogramming, the personalized messages, the high quality, the pretty packaging…I could go on and on. The “L” bracelet I am wearing above is very well made….even Veronica won’t be able to break this one. (She has tormented my jewelry drawer for months;))

Thankful to Lisa Leonard Designs for offering this fun giveaway today for a $50 Shop Credit! We can call this a little Mother’s Day giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*This is a sponsored post that is 100% my own opinion. 

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House to Home: Book Nook

Book Nook via IHOD

Florals via IHOD

Floral vases via IHOD
Books from left to right: Bring the Outdoors In // Name Your Link // Typography Sketchbooks //Furniture Makeovers//The Perfectly Imperfect Home // Little Paris Kitchen

To be perfectly honest, my house is often a mess. I live with two mini tornados. I am okay with this because if actually makes our house feel like a home. It is lived in and loved in. Crayon drawings on the wall will someday be missed, as well as the line of trains underneath the furniture “tunnels.”

It is nice however to have a few corners of the home to make your own. This is one of those little nooks. A little vintage telephone and some of my favorite Chronicle books. Its part of the Ikea unit that is in our entryway as a console table. I am constantly changing up the top of it.

What about you? Are you able to have an office space or corner nook that you like to keep as a breathing space?


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