Dress Corilynn | Anchor Skirt

Giveaway: Dress Corilynn

August 13, 2013

Styled-Dress Corilynn
Dress Corilynn | Anchor Skirt

Are you dying?!

I got to experience one of  these pieces from the  feminine  and stylish line first hand last week (as seen here) and the quality is impressive, but even better, you feel a little like a Marilyn or Grace Kelly when you put them on. Just enough retro with the right element of modern to add that extra pep in your step.

I met Cori back in NYC. She is a stunning mother of 4, who runs and designs these skirts herself. She immediately was my hero. We are so excited to give away one of these beauties today! Have fun and may the best gal win!

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P.S. Announced the winner of the Anewall.com giveaway here. (Name displayed on rafflecopter!)

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Things you may want to know – Vol. 2

August 9, 2013

I tend to have a handful of random things to share with you all that don’t have a specific category so I decided to do more of these Things you may want to know posts. I do them on Friday’s on facebook but this will be a more detailed approach:)

royal blue

1. Gabe knows that it can be expected we have to bring the camera along to most places we go. Its a bloggers part of life. We also expect odd stares and sometimes the occasional questions that give us both a good chuckle. Case in point, after taking some photos of a cool new spot on our date last night, (pictured above)  our server asked us, “I don’t mean to sound creepy, but are you guys like artists or something?” I laughed out loud and then tried to compensate with a most serious answer and serious expression…“Yes. we are.” 

2.  Like Twice. Thank you Grace. She always finds cool things like Twice. I currently have 5 pairs of jeans sitting in my cart and I can’t decide which to get. Maybe all since they are so darn cheap?! This might be my favorite used clothing site to date. READ MORE

DIY Floral Jewelry Stand

DIY Contributor for Style Me Pretty Living

August 8, 2013

DIY Floral Jewelry Stand

DIY- Floral and Lucite Jewelry Stand

I am honored to be a new DIY contributor for Style Me Pretty Living! I will be sharing some fun ideas over there once a month. If you would like to check out the easy DIY here. And while you are there, go ahead and browse their spectacular site!

x, Anna



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