Bump Styled: 5 months – Nautical + Yellow

{Top: c/o Tailor and Stylist, Denim: Gap, Clutch: DIY, Watch: c/o Tailor and Stylist, Necklace: c/o Dear Margot, Heels: Zara (similar)
Nautical and yellow. Two loves I will never grow tired of. 
Silky soft material had nothing to do with the fact that I wore this tee to bed last night…
By the way dear readers, I hope you are taking note of the extra face padding taking residence this pregnancy. I actually prefer the more healthy robust look so I will take it. Just packing weight for the sleepless days to come;) The second trimester is a beautiful thing. Baby movements, no nausea, more energy, and the hope that spring will grace the state of Georgia soon:)
P.S. Dear Academy Awards….
Les Mis should have.

Shop Scoop: Iristy

{Featured bracelets: Lizou, Czech Fire Beaded Bracelet}

I have a requirement with bracelets and bangles. They can’t be too troublesome….too big, to clanky, too noisy….you get the idea. Since I am usually hanging out with my little ones or working on the computer, I need fuss free. This doesn’t mean I like to sacrifice my love for accessories mind you;)

This is why I am smitten with my new pieces from Iristy. They fit my small wrists to the tee, are no fuss, and are easy to layer with other pieces. I couldn’t get over how quality these lovelies are for the price. I am making this shop a regular stop for birthday gifts. Have a look, and let your jaw drop over the prices:) That’s the scoop my friends!
Happy weekend:)
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*This is a sponsored post that is 100% my own opinion.

Dinner Series: Chicago Style Italian Beef

It is so good you will be thinking about it the next day…..5 ingredients, easy to make, and its cheaper than flying to Chicago. :)

Be prepared, this Italian Beef will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. I made it over the weekend for a dinner party and it was a huge hit.

The taste is memorable…

Here is what you will need:
2lb. Beef Roast (I used Rump Roast but you can use Arm or Chuck Roast too)
2 packets of Italian Seasoning
2 beef boullion cubes (1 per pound of meat)
1 cup water (or a 1/2 cup per pound of meat)
1 small jar banana peppers (undrained)
Half Green and Red Pepper chopped (optional)

Throw the roast into your crockpot. Wix the Italian Seasonings into the water and pour over roast. Toss in banana peppers and green and red peppers if using. Turn on High for the first hour and then low for 4 hours. The meat will be extremely tender and juicy.

Watch as strangers and friends start flocking to your kitchen wanting to know what smells so amazing.

On a cutting board or platter, thinly slice meat and pour some of juice over.
Place on chibata or french bread for sandwiches or just serve alone.
Serves 12 (Dinner party size)
Half the recipe for a family!

It is a dinner that will bring many to your table so….Eat SLOW, take your time so as to SAVOUR every bite, and ENJOY the dinner that brings you together. :)

My Food Philosophy: Because the effort to make good food is a gift to those around me, it’s happy memories, togetherness, the living part of life.

**Maria is my sister and long time best friend. Check out the rest of her posts here.