Veronica Rose – 3 years old

April 11, 2014

Birthday girl Veronica Rose

v and gabe


Veronica Rose,

It’s like you knew you were turning 3 because you have an extra dose of sass these days. You have the cutest cheeks I ever have seen and hope they never leave you! Here are some other favorite things about you right now…

You love to stuff random things in a purse to bring with her on errands with me.
You always has her shirt inside out and her pants backwards.
You take much pride in getting yourself dressed, so I let you have at it.
You like to tell “baby Max” everything you are excited about.
You think all of Gabriel’s friends are your friends too.
You like to have mama “paint da mails” (paint your nails).
You could throw a ball for hours and have quite a mean pitch.
You always have a song to sing and dance to, and are our own live jukebox.
You have a love for adventure and ask pop to swing you on your feet every day.
You and Gabriel squabble often, but have a strong bond. He loves to look out for you, and you love to get into whatever he is doing.
You might be as strong willed as your mother, which hopefully will be a good thing one day. In the meantime you will probably continue to see a lot of time out time…

I know God has a beautiful plan for your life, because you have already impacted ours very deeply! Happy birthday my wild flower! We love you even more than you love treats!

Mama and Pop…and Gaber and Moose

P.S. A look back at her birth storyfirst birthday, and 2nd birthday


V’s Dress from Flor de Luz, Headband from Jen Ann Style

Little one | IHOD

The Best Stroller on the Block.

April 10, 2014

 In Honor of Design Little one | IHODMother-Son} IHOD


Me and Max | IHODQuinny

Quinny Stroller | IHOD


I could live without social media.
I could live without a microwave.
Heck I could even live without my coffee maker….(or so I say)

However, when it comes to raising three children, I will take all the shortcuts and simpler products I can get. You need things that are durable, easy to tote around, and ALWAYS have pockets (I repeat this with emphasis!). That is why I am having a hard time not stuttering through this post over excitement about the Quinny Buzz Xtra. If we were talking about it in real life, I would probably be spitting my words out so fast you would be dodging and ducking to keep up. But first let me tell you a little story about what happened yesterday….

I was feeling extra ambitious and decided to run some errands with Veronica and Max. Max is swiftly growing out of his car seat and living up to his nickname Moose quite nicely. We were given a stroller when Gabriel was born that has been really great. We purchased a car seat that was not the same brand, but fit will inside. We have used them both for all three children. However, Max is now too strong and squirmy to set the car seat in the stroller anymore as I realized yesterday. As we got out into the parking lot of the store, I set the carseat in the stroller, and realized I had to adjust the back to allow it to nestle safely inside. Veronica decided she wanted to ride on the front of the stroller as she often does. I warned her not to because Max could topple out. Mere seconds later as I was adjusting the back to secure Max inside, I see Veronica hop on and they both start to fall…

My heart stopped altogether as I watched in slow motion as Max was about to tumble to his grave (or so my mind was playing out). He has a very vigilant guardian angel. The car seat bounced on its side on the pavement. I saw his head jolt and hit the side of the car seat. Had it been angled an inch more forward his precious head would have smacked the pavement. Of course I had just read about a child who lost his life that way so I was a mess after this happened. Veronica was in tears over a skinned knee, Max was in tears over the scare, and I was in tears over seeing him almost bust his head open. I resolved then and there that I would no longer use that carseat/stroller combo. (You know how mama bears can be.) Well that afternoon this stroller arrived from a jolly Fed-Ex man on my front door step. I wanted to hug him and then call Quinny and hug them too.

I was so anxious to open it up and put it together and knew I would probably have to be patient and wait till Gabe got home to help me figure it out, but OH MY GOSH! It is SO easy to assemble!

  • Everything snaps in, and every piece is adjustable. I assembled with little Gabriel’s help in 15 minutes.
  • The handle bar has adjustable height which Gabe was so happy about since he is taller and needs the added length.
  • The seat is also adjustable back and forth for when you want them to fall asleep or see the world.
  • It has the option to insert the infant carseat SAFELY and SECURELY inside.
  • The wheels are built for subterrain and easy movement. I have never felt a stroller so easy to move and so light at the same time. I am going to try running with it.
  • It collapses so easily, which is a lifesaver for us since we travel often. It even fits in an overhead compartment on an airplane!
  • And of course STORAGE on the bottom. Key to life folks!

This really is the cream of the crop friends! Worth adding to your baby registry! So grateful to Quinny for allowing me to experience it and be a part of their launch!

Wearing: Jacket – Sheinside c/o // Shirt – Everlane c/o // Jeans – J. Brand via Twice // Boots – J.Crew (similar) // Hat – Shop Sosie (out of stock but similar)
Max: Leggings // Moccs // Sweater

This post is sponsored by Quinny and is 100% my own opinion. Thank you for supporting the companies that make blogging possible for me and my family!

Brand Market Totes

The Brand Market ATL – Part 2

April 9, 2014

I had to give you all a peek inside our swag bags as well as some food and drink photos to drool over;) I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to each and every one of these companies for being a part of this day and sponsoring this event. I can honestly say the people behind each of these companies.

Brand Market Totes

Totes by Arrie ButterfulyBrand Market black and white art


Brand Market Swag Bags

Totes – All handmade by Arrie Butterfly!
Hand written quote prints –  Jenn Gietz
Notebooks – Rifle Paper Co.
Choose Joy Pencils – B is for Bonnie
Scarves – Deloom
Leather Key Fobs – Son of a Sailor
Copper Jar Candles – Valentina Black
Gemstone Necklaces – Crafts and Love
Heart Stickers – Thatch and Thistle
Note Cards – Puddle Duck Paper Co.
Black and white prints – Skoope Home
Calling Cards – Honey and Bloom
Gift cards – Shop Dress Up

Figs and Honey Catering - Kathryn McCrary Photography Figs and Honey Catering

Figs and Honey Sponge Cake

Figs and Honey had the best variety of wraps and sandwhiches to offer as well as mediterranean pasta salad, fresh fruit, and sweet tea. I couldn’t get past the curry chicken salad croissants. The lemon pound cake with fresh berries they made had you daydreaming for more. They are a fantastic spot to check out in Atlanta!

Chocolate South - Kathryn McCrary Chocolate South at The Seed Studio

Chocolate South provided those marbleized chocolates that tasted as good as they look! Such a sweet treat to have at the event.

We picked up a bunch of pastries and of course coffee from Octane South which was the perfect start to the morning!

Spodee Wine - Kathryn McCrary Photography

Spodee Wine -Kathryn McCrary Photography

Spodee Wine :: Kathryn McCrary Photograph

Last but not least, Spodee Wine provided take home refreshment drinks for all! The coolest bottles aren’t they? It is a wine with a kick that you can mix in different ways!

Thank you so much to Kathryn McCrary Photogaphy for capturing these photos! Her work is spot on!

P.S. Part 1 recap here.

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