For a Fraction – Gingham + Sequins

I would love to start sharing with you all more ways I go about finding the look for less! And I mean as close to the look as you can get;) Hence, For a Fraction series. I fell in love with this look on J.Crew this week, so I rounded up some amazing steals for you to get the look for a fraction of the cost.
Gingham Shirt - J. Crew – $150 
Yesstyle: $34.50

Sequin Skirt – J. Crew – $695
I prefer this more versatile color – Yesstyle: $75
OR wear this dress as a skirt – Kohls$100
Pearls Strands – J. Crew – $98
Ebay – $15 
Crystal Flytrap Necklace – J. Crew – $85
Similar one on Ebay – $12 

So what do you think? Am I getting close enough to the look for you? Will be hunting for some more great looks For a Fraction to share:) Have a fantastic summer weekend ahead!
In Case you missed it this week: Lookbook: Neutral Mashup, Shannon Hearts Large Ad space giveaway, DIY Leather Pocket Tee, DIY Studded Phone Case

DIY Studded phone case

I have successfully held out against the iphone to avoid more distraction and higher phone bills, but I must say I wish I had one just for the phone case options! My lovely HTC inspire doesn’t quite have the case options, so that is why I decided to bling it up a little. I have seen many versions of studded phone cases (like such) and new it was as easy to DIY myself. I am sure many others have had this same idea, so if you have done this, show me your pics!
Here is my version for all you iphone and non-iphone users alike, here is the easy way to stud your case!

Studs in your color of choice (got mine on etsy)
Super Glue or E- 6000
Phone Case
Pliers (optional)
Here’s the trick: You need studs with iron backs on them for even gluing surface vs. the hollow studs. The iron backed studs are filled with an adhesive that is hardened so you can add super glue or E-6000 to the backs.
1) Pre-design your back so you know where to place your pieces.
2) Add a dab of glue to the center and use pliers to place evenly. You can also use your hands if you are steady enough!
3) Let dry long enough to ensure no smudged pieces.
Time: 15 min
Total Cost: (Varies on case and stud cost) My case came with my phone and the studs were $5.00 with plenty leftover!
Hope you enjoyed the back to back DIY’s this week! More coming up next week:)
P.S. I have a new feauture called the DIY Gallery in the link bar! Should be easy for you to find any DIY ideas posted in the past. Will be adding more soon:)

DIY Leather Pocket Tee

This Leather pocket tee DIY inspiration came from a Zara Tee. It only requires beginner level sewing skills – no machine needed! I plan on added a few more pockets to a dress or shirt here and there because its so simple to do and the result is really fun:)
{Wrap Bracelet: c/o Conversation Pieces, Craftsandlove, gift from sis, Jeans: Levis, Tee: Target to DIY}
Grey Tee (Got mine for $8 at Target) 
Leather or faux leather fabric 
(This swatch I picked up from a local interior design store – often they get rid of their old swatch books for free!)
Thread and Needle
1) Pre-shrink your tee so that you can prevent unwanted wrinkling around the pocket.
2) Pre-measure and cut your pocket shape of choice out of your leather fabric. 
(It makes it easier to cut 1/2 of the pocket, fold in half, and cut around the folded edge to finish a symmetrical pocket.)
3) Hand stitch or sew along the edge with a strong needle or leather needle and thick black thread. 
Time: 15 -30 minutes (depending if you machine sew or hand stitch)
Cost: $8

Tips for sewing with leather:
Use a pliers to pull the needle in and out or you will get blisters! If its faux leather it is a thinner fabric and easier to sew.
Check often that your pocket is lined up straight with your tee so that you prevent crooked lines. 
Using a thimble might also help when you are weaving the needle in and out.
And now for a little humor, I present to you the pony tail flip (inspired by my sister Madeline)….
gj3vmr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
You know, just letting my personality shine through here….;)
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