Bump Styled: Neon and Turquoise

{Top: c/o Questhaven Fashions (20% off site with code IHOD), Coated Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Bauble Bar, Shoes: Zara (similar), Tote: Asos (similar)}
Anyone have tips for that lovely growing out the bangs phase? A perpetual side braid is all I got!
I am entering into the third trimester (already?!) – what I like to compare to feeling as if you are carrying a kangaroo in your pouch and the awkward waddle starts to replace your once confident stride. The puffy  face alludes to the fact that you did just eat a whole can of pringles by yourself, and you don’t really care if your toddler just dumped a bag of rice on the floor. Let her play in that mess because you don’t have the energy to move you and your kangaroo pouch off the chair to clean it up.
Goodbye energetic and mobile second trimester.
But its okay because I get lots of kicks and hellos from the little one inside reminding me its all worth it.
In other news…
We were blessed with the most gorgeous weekend Georgia has seen in a while, and even better, I had my sisters in town to share it with. I am now okay with the rainy monday since I soaked the sun out of the weekend. How was yours friends?

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Style File: Spring Fever

Hat // Shades // Tote // Cardi // Necklace
Image: H&M via Shop Sweet Things
After what seemed to be a month of rain and gloom, spring has arrived in all its glory and it has brought a FEVAAA with it! Sunnies and 70’s all weekend long (you guys gotta move to the ATL) and these lovelies above are on the top of my favorites list.
I have a fun round up of links for ya:
This is what I am doing with my abundance of strawberries in the fridge via Creature Comforts
This DIY has me in a frenzy. Seriously good.
Not only crazy about this shop website but everything it contains:)
Cutest St. Patrick’s Day pinch polish from Andrea Dozier. 
4 Messy hairstyles for unwashed hair.
IHOD has a DIY up for your little ones over on Small Fry Blog!
If you are in the south, hope I will see you at the Maiedae Mixer in June!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend friends! I am not irish but my children are so that means we are celebrating the good saint loudly! (I have plenty of freckles to boot.)

He felt the baby move…

He felt the baby move. 
A series of questions proceeded…
When is the baby gonna come out? Wil I get to hold the baby? Will she be happy?
He doesn’t know that just yesterday, I was waiting for him anxiously, feeling him kicking and moving constantly in my womb, and wondering who he was going to be.
My first born.
I ache for those days where he fit into my arms perfectly, but accept that it was a gift to have those days at all. I have shed tears thinking of how fast he went from being my newborn to my little man in what seems to have been only a year in time. 
When I saw him react to feeling this baby move, I was reminded that he was meant to be my first born. God knew exactly what He was doing. Gabriel will be the big brother they will learn from.
And boy, has he challenged Gabe and I these past few years. Stretched us to our limits and re-molded our hearts. Through the ugly moments and the sweet ones, I know he was made to be my first.
Little lovebug in the womb, you are a lucky one. You have a big brother her already loves you so much. He thinks you are a girl. We will see:)