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May 31, 2013

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I am about to have my third child. I have never attended a birth class or made a birth plan.

I just knew I would roll with it when the time came because we have a beautiful thing called natural instinct that kicks in. It has served me well up until this point, even though both of my birth experiences were so different than I had thought they would be. I knew if I had made a birth plan, it would be have made it more difficult for me to accept all the crazy turns of events that happened. Instead, I was able to just put my fighter mode on and go.

Well, after unexpectedly going natural last time with Veronica, it is what I hope to accomplish this time. That being said, I actually have a tentative plan for this baby…(gasp!)….a water birth. It is supposed to take the edge off the pain, allow more comfort, and ease the delivery. Gabe and I went to a two hour class last night. It was the first time since this pregnancy we actually got to sit down and think about the fact we were about to bring a new life into the world in a few short weeks. We both wondered how this was happening already. The class was an interesting experience to say the least. Probably more info than I would prefer to know, but important none the less. When it comes down to it, I know I am in good hands with who will be delivering our baby (our midwives are fantastic), and that Gabe will be there. That is really all I am concerned with. I know God already has a birth plan for us…He has proven He is most present in those moments.

So what do you think friends? Do you think Gabriel and Veronica will be getting a brother or a sister? I have my hunch but wil let you guess;)

Happy Weekend!



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  • A water birth sounds quite lovely! I think that going in with a very stringent plan can definitely set moms up for disappointment and guilt, taking a more relaxed approach seems like it would encourage easier acceptance of any outcome, from a perfectly easy natural delivery to emergency C-section. I will guess … boy! 🙂 You look fantastic, BTW.

    • I agree Jacki! Our bodies are so in tune with out emotions and sometimes our plans prevent us from having an easier time in birth:) And thank you so much!

  • Rebecca - A Daily Something

    I’m planning on a water birth for our little girl, and am praying it goes well and I enjoy being in the tub (I’m not ordinarily a bath person). I have written a birth plan, mostly because our midwives strongly encourage it; I’m trying to come to grips w/the thought that things just *might* not go as I’ve planned. Love how you said you know God already has a birth plan … so true, and a great reminder!

    • Rebecca, I am so excited for you! Getting so close. I think as long as you are flexible that the plan might not work out that’s what will help in the long run:) You will do beautifully!

  • That’s really interesting! You always hear people going to all these classes and making sure they know everything about giving birth, but there must be instincts that kick in, as you said. I always guess people are having girls because I want girls haha.

  • Jennifer

    With baby #1, I labored in a whirlpool tub. I LOVED it!!! I wasn’t able to give birth in the tub due to baby circumstances. The water was very relaxing. I highly recommend laboring in water. I would have done the same with my other pregnancies, but every baby is different.

  • Katie Keys

    Yay!! Proud of you for bringing life, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, one of a kind life into the world!

  • i think it is a brother! i had a natural birth with Rooney (on purpose) and would like to do it again, although it was slightly traumatic 🙂 i thought a water birth would be my ideal, but when the time came the last thing i wanted to do was get in a warm tub. since you’ve been through it before, you probably have a good idea of what you want! here’s to hoping you get your water birth!

    • Its amazing how every birth experience is different. I hope this works out but even if its just for part of the labor that would be okay! 🙂

  • Christine Clements

    I’m planning on doing a water birth with a midwife too! What midwives do you go to?

  • Brittany GraceAnn

    i can’t wait to see how this all pans out!!! SO EXCITING! i had no birth plan with my first two either… Isaiah ended up being a c-section and my only goal with Judah was to VBAC. thinking about an all-natural birth when the time for baby #3 comes… water birthing sounds so amazing! AHHH! you are so close. it’s a GIRL! XO

    • Wow Brittany that is awesome! Each experience is so different! I can’t wait to find out what we are having. The suspense is killing me.

  • I’m dying for a home birth next time. I can’t stand hospitals so hopefully I can swing it. A friend just did a water birth and loved it! Good luck!!

  • I’m totally doing a water birth, at home, with a midwife whenever I have children. Midwives are the way to go!

  • Jessica Liesemeyer

    Stopping by to say 1) I love this whole look. Love. You look awesome! 2)a water birth sounds so amazing. 3) I am really bad at this guessing gender thing (just want to make that really clear) and I am going to stick with girl BUT lately I have thinking a little nephew…. Eeeeee! The anticipation!! 4) hang tight. Your almost there!

  • Katie @ Loverly She

    My doula said the same sort of thing, about the grace of God being present in that moment 🙂 I don’t have a birth plan either but am hoping to deliver naturally if I can!

  • Michaela

    You’re just glowing my friend! I adore this look. Praying for you as the day nears! Let’s see…I’m going to guess a boy because most of the people I know are having boys. So anxious to hear what you think you’re having. I bet you’re right! My mom is a maternity nurse and she says higher baby heart rate (consistently through pregnancy) means a girl, and lower means a boy!



    • Thanks for the prayers love! I so appreciate them! And that is what I hear about the heart rate too. They have been pretty accurate tellings of my previous two so we will see! 😀

  • I have heard a lot of moms to be talking about water births, fascinating!! Very best of luck gorgeous Anna!!!

  • Mandy Rye

    Can’t wait to hear all about it and of course meet the new baby. I’m thinking boy…but I have no idea. And yes you are crazy glowing! So good to see you this past weekend and good luck with your photo shoot today! xo Mandy @ Waiting On Martha

  • Short and Sweet Blog

    I know several people who have done water births and they are supposed to be amazing! Sending happy birth thoughts that it will happen for you…otherwise I know everything will work out regardless, no matter how the baby is born! 🙂 I think it’s a girl. But I’m usually wrong. Haha.

  • sandyalamode

    you are sooo gorgeous girl!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • southernsouffle

    Love this.. I’m thinking a boy, they say when the baby sits low like that its a boy. Although my son sat low, high and everywhere. I was huge. 🙂 So excited for you and your family.

  • baby #2 is coming in september for me and i didn’t make a plan last time and am still planning for that route. hopefully there will be no “unexpetedly going natural” for me! good luck with your new plan!

  • Jackie B.

    I’m such a planner and never even thought about not making a birthing plan (for the future). Life has taken some unexpected twists and turns for me, forcing me to ease up on the planning and just accepting so this might just be the way to do it when the time comes. I’m also a worrier and planning and knowing too much would probably just cause stress lol. I think it’s very brave and truly beautiful the faith you have in just accepting what is already destined to happen. Wishing you all the best with this delivery and excited to see what you are blessed with this time around. -jb.

  • Amanda Marshall

    I think it’s a boy (:

    And I don’t have a birth plan either… and I feel good about that!

  • I’m guessing boy as well! Water helps with labor pains so SO much! I think you will be really happy with it

  • Jordan | Berlin by the Bay

    You look amazing! Congrats! I attempted a water birth at home and found out quickly that I hated laboring in the water-but no problem-I just labored beside the tub instead. 🙂 I wish you the happiest and safest delivery. I’m so glad you are using a midwife, it takes courage and faith in yourself. Best of luck!

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