One Truth: How I got out of a speeding ticket..

May 5, 2013

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This may not be the best info to publicly disclose on the www, but I will take my risks.

I recently got pulled over for speeding. It had been several years…(the majority of my driving mishaps happened in my teens-go figure). I will put the spoiler at the beginning. I got out of the ticket. How did I weasel out of it? The same way Reese Witherspoon just allegedly tried to get her husband out of a DUI here in the ATL.

A few months ago (I was about four months pregnant), driving home on the freeway after 9pm at night. I had to use the restroom, and when you are pregnant, the urgency is times ten. So, without realizing it I was lead footing it. Only a few exits from home and that is all I had on my mind. I caught myself at 80mph in a 65 and slowed down. Guess it wasn’t in time. A minute later I saw the cop lights behind me.

The copper said he had been trailing me for a few exits and caught me at 80mph in a 55. Oh snap. He asked me why I was speeding, to which I blurted out my honest reply, “Because I am pregnant and I gotta pee REAL bad.” I am so graceful I know. Luckily he must have detected I was being truthful (or didn’t want to see the pregnant lady have an urgent and awkward situation before his eyes) because he let me off with a warning and a scolding. “Next time just pull over at the nearest exit.” Lesson learned. I am now in the system so that excuse won’t fly a second time.

I am by no means proud of this mind you. It gave me a heart attack to get pulled over (my heart races whenever I see a police car no matter what, and I am that obvious driver who slams on the breaks) and almost cry every time. Can someone explain this? I can’t…

So there you have my somewhat embarassing and slightly humorous account of how I was spared a $150 speeding fine on the highways of Atlanta. Have you been spared of a ticket before? Do tell..




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  • Interesting haha I haven’t ever gotten a ticket (yet) but I’ll keep that in mind if i ever get pulled over!

    • I don’t recommend trying this excuse unless its legit…ha ha!
      That is amazing you haven’t gotten one yet. Good for you!

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  • A few years ago when I was traveling and teaching cheer camp I was pulled over and said the same thing! I got off with a written warning and my male friend couldn’t believe that the officer let me off! In my defense I had no clue where I was and did need to pee! Lol

  • Danielle

    I have gotten off because of having kids in the backseat believe it or not. I am not proud that I was speeding with kids, but I am often running late with 4 little ones and I guess I want to appear to have my act together 🙂 But when the cops see the girls’ cute little faces, I guess it softens their hearts and they let me off! Oh Motherhood!

  • hahahaha, this is amazing! xo Mandy @ Waiting On Martha

  • Good job girl, and it was true!

    Art by Karena

  • About (gulp!) ten years ago, I was on my way to get my hair done for my senior prom and I was running super late and, of course, driving super fast. When the cop pulled me over, I couldn’t help it I just started crying and told him where I was going and apparently that was enough. No ticket. He told me to drive slower and be safe that night.

    I’ve tried to get out of tickets, but sadly, this was my last successful attempt.

    I’m totally using the “I really have to pee” excuse next time…

  • oh man, getting pulled over is the worst feeling ever.
    but talking your way out of a ticket, that’s a different story!

    xo the egg out west.

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