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February 2, 2014

Close Reader } IHOD

She’s a close reader.
She will read piles of books after piles of books.
She will pretend she knows how to read and make up words through each page.
She has been working on growing pigtails since she was born.
She has 7 different smiles for several occasions and knows when to deliver each at just the right time. The smile she gives when she knows she is eating something she shouldn’t be is my favorite.

And something I should probably dedicate to another post, but I am not patient enough…

Omega Swirl

I went into a health depot over the weekend to pick up vitamins for the kids, and I was lured into taste testing the Omega Swirl. I have read the endless positive effects of fermented cod liver oil but my husband will not go near it, and neither will the kids. Well, after I tasted the Mango Peach Omega Swirl my life changed for the better. I cannot EVEN tell you how delicious this stuff tastes. I was taking swigs last night because its as addicting as a good margarita…I got to get myself together. ANYWAYS, I promptly bought the largest bottle they offered and I am proud to report that it is both husband and children approved. Veronica is actually licking the teaspoon I fed her with it now in hopes of chasing the delicious memory of her new favorite “biamin.” It may not be fermented, but its the closest my kids will come! Couldn’t keep this discovery to myself. Check out all the other flavors on Amazon or Walgreens online.

It is tough finding children’s vitamins without sugar in them but I love most of the products Animal Parade offers. Both their Immune Booster and Multi-Vitamin have been excellent for Gabriel and Veronica. We are hoping to ward off the rest of the winter sicknesses going around. And then after I load them up with vitamins I load them up on not so healthy things like this…

Smitten Scones

Oh well. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.


Max is now tasting table foods. Avocados, Bananas, and Sweet potatoes turn this gentle giant into a bear cup at the site of them. I loaded up on some cuter than cute items from Lauren who is fundraising to adopt their first baby. If you want high quality hand made bips, paci clips, etc. (SO affordable) do yourself a flava fave and head over and support this family!

And that is the Sunday news for you! We are doing a lot of this…
Instrument Practice } IHOD

…and then a copious amount of eating with friends for the Super Bowl;)

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