Protein + Energy Breakfast Bowl

March 31, 2016

breakfast of champs


I have the hardest time with breakfast ideas. I’ve got to kick my lazy cereal and milk breakfast plan to the curb! I just usually don’t want to take the time to make myself a meal after the business of our morning routine. It’s contradictory to my goal to cut out bad flours and sugars, and maintain more energy throughout the day. So, I am challenging myself to write out a breakfast menu plan for my little ones and I along with our dinner menu. I notice such a big difference in the pattern of eating habits if I start on the right foot. I’ll share a few of our favorites with you all. Sound good?

breakfast - energy fruit bowl
Protein + Energy Breakfast Bowl
Tangelo Oranges 
1/2 c. Greek Yogurt
2 tsp. Chia Seeds
Small hand full of almonds

This works in the protein, healthy fats, fiber, energy burst (chia the wonder seed!), and brain vitamins all in one. My little ones were licking their bowls of course. It helps that berries are super cheap right now at our local grocery store.

Nothing quite beats breakfast over baby feet though I must say!

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