Trim your own fringe bangs.

March 24, 2017


Fringe bangs are a fun way to sport a chic hairstyle when you actually don’t have much time to style your hair every day. However, since they sit right above eye level, you have to keep up with trimming them in order to avoid blocking all vision. Soooo, after several terrible self-trim jobs I finally took the time to research how to trim my own. After trial and error, here is what has worked for me!

1). Grab a pair of hair cutting scissors and a comb, and make sure your bangs are dry. I like to blow dry mine for best outcome, or if they get greasy I will spray with dry shampoo.
Comb out your hair and pull out the middle section of your bangs to sandwich with your two fingers. Pull down the section and leave the amount you want to trim hanging out. Make sure your fingers are straight at eye level.

3) Start snipping at an angle towards the bottom of your fingers which is what will achieve the fringe effect. Continue around your forehead always making sure you include a piece from the section before to measure evenly.

4) On the side sections you can angle your fingers to frame bangs around your face or keep them straight depending on the look you want to go for. Continue to snip at an angle towards your fingers.

5) Do a happy dance that you saved yourself the $20-$30 and the time at the salon to get them trimmed!

Definitely not a hair expert, but if I find a time and money saving trick, you bet I am going to share it;) Have a happy weekend ahead gang!~

Photo: Moe Blake

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  • I do this all the time – in fact, I’ve been trimming my own fringe since I was in high school. Can’t ever trust hairdressers when it comes to THE fringe, haha!

  • Thanks for the tips! (I need them, because the last time I tried to trim my own bangs at home… I wound up cutting off a chunk of my eyelashes ?)

  • Thanks! Mine have been growing out because I can’t find the time to get to the salon with two littles and work.

    I was hoping you would also share your day to day/week to week hairstyling and management. I know not washing and dry shampoo can be key, but what do you do when you workout and sweat? it’s a lot of work to wash and blow dry that often! Would love to hear your tips.

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