Clean Beauty Week: Skin + Body Care Favorites

June 22, 2017

I started converting over most of our household and baby products to safe ingredients last year, and was so hesitant to dig into my makeup bag and skin care routines because ignorance is bliss right? Well after reading/hearing some eye opening facts about the effects of toxins on our health, I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I wasn’t expecting to find many clean ingredient products I loved, but thankfully with some recommendations from friends, I feel like I hit the jackpot when I discovered Beautycounter. I ended up joining the company since I loved how effective the products were on my skin and hair and wanted to share my honest experience when I could.

Here is a round up of some of my wow-factor faves for skin and body care…

(All summer capsule outfits here.)

In taking care of my skin, I don’t have much time to do all of the things, so I try to just focus on cleansing and moisturizing with the added perk of a mist or mask here and there.

*UPDATED* Skin care routine


STEP 1 – Nourishing Cleanser – I use this morning and night because it super gentle, hydrating, and nourishing! Its a creamy formula that contains witch hazel to tone skin, and coconut oil and aloe to help hydrate.

STEP 2 – Nourishing Day Cream – I was pretty sold on my last moisturizer. I really loved it…..but when I ran out, I decided to give this one a try since I was really into some of the other Beautycounter products I tried. I would say this and the dew skin tinted moisturizer is what sold me! This moisturizer leaves your skin super silky, but it also adds a healthy glow to your face. You only need a pea size amount so this will last you for at least 4-6 months. It contains a mix of organic coconut oil, safflower oil, aloe, and antioxidant-rich acai. I love how it feels really lightweight instead of greasy or oily. Good for all skin types even sensitive skin!

2x a week – Charcoal Cleansing Bar – It has made such a difference in clearing up break out spots as well as minimizing pores and blackheads around my nose! You can chop it in half to keep one at your sink and one in the shower. I have had it for 6 months and it is still going strong. Charcoal is an activating ingredient that detoxifies and absorbs impurities. Since it is made with antioxidant-rich green tea and hydrating coconut oil, its a very gentle formula. It can be used on your face and body and safe for any skin type. I use this a few times a week because I tend to have dry skin and like the nourishing cleanser for day and night.


STEP 1 – Nourishing Cleanser

STEP 2- Rejuvenating night cream – Once I hit my 30s I saw an immediate difference in my skin. You start to lose elasticity and the fine lines show up! I am okay with this since it is the natural process of life, but sure wouldn’t mind slowing down the process a little;) I invested in the rejuvenating night cream because I read so many good reviews. It promotes smoother, firmer, and more hydrated skin during the nightly cycle of natural skin repair. After using it a few months now, I am so glad I committed. It is super hydrating for my normally dry skin, and when I wake up my skin has been noticeably more nourished and firm! Well, at least I recognize myself in the mirror now! If you don’t need an anti-aging focus, the countermatch sleep recovery cream or nourishing night cream are also fantastic.

3x a week – Plumping Facial Oil – One of the bigger changes in my skin this year was from lack of sleep and not enough water. You know, things that happen with you have a new baby. My skin looked like it was starting to sag, and I always looked tired. When I started making more of an effort to take care of myself, I drank lots of water and started more skin care. This plumping oil is more of a treatment that I will add a few drops to my moisturizer. I will use a few times a week because it’s pricier, and I want it to last all year;) I just really couldn’t believe how it helped lift my skin! Probably because it contains a blend of natural oils including jasmine and argan oils which are known for being replenishing and omega rich. It contributes to minimizing fine lines and loss of elasticity as well as nourishing and firming skin.

STEP 3- Rejuvenating eye cream – I also started to notice the bags start to show up lately, so I decided it was time for an eye cream. Many eye creams are results based to see that overnight effect, but the chemicals in the ingredients are harmful for our systems and our skin in the long run. I’ve had a really good experience with this one, and just like the night cream it is super soothing! I also see a visible difference after I put it on in the mornings with reduced puffiness.

2x a week – No. 3 Facial Mask – I started using this 1 -2x a week by putting it on 10 minutes before a shower. This is also antioxidant rich and the charcoal based ingredients deep cleanse pores to help clear breakouts, absorb excess oil, and minimize pores.

I used to be so hesitant to pay more than drug store prices for face wash which is why I avoided taking care of my skin for so long! I see it more as an investment know in avoiding health problems down the road due the amount of toxins entering our bloodstream. Our skin is the largest organ of our body! And subsequently it absorbs everything we put onto it through our pores. I am hoping these proactive steps towards safer beauty will save me doctor bills down the line.

Body Care:

Body wash in citrus mimosa – After reading about synthetic fragrances and the effects on toxins on our endocrine system, I switched out all of my shower items as well. This body wash smells divine, is extremely gentle and non drying, and is rich in nourishing marula oils.

Sugar Scrub – This scrub is packed with mineral-rich evening primrose, sweet almond, and sunflower oils with a brown sugar base that have helped rid of my rough skin patches. I can’t get over how soft it makes your skin. It also feels like a form of stress relief just to sniff! (oh my word.)

Body Lotion in Citrus mimosa – Hydrating without the synthetic fragrance ingredients. It’s a fast-absorbing body lotion, and I love the moisturizing blend of marula oils +  shea and jojoba butters.

Baby daily protective balm – I call this the wonder balm. There are so many uses in it’s healing ingredients, and I use it for myself and the kids.

SPF30 Sunscreen Face Stick – I tested SO. MANY. toxic free sunscreens and this was the only one that didn’t leave a ghostly residue! It’s so easy to use so I carry this everywhere in the summer for the kids and I. My tinted moisturizer has SPF20, but this is for additional coverage on hot days. Lasts a long time too!

Hair Care:

Volumizing Shampoo – Every time I tried a clean ingredient shampoo it left my hair super flat and almost greasy. I wasn’t willing to give up a good lather, but I kept searching because I know how harmful shampoos and deodorants can be. I was so relieved to find an option that actually added volume to my hair and kept the good lather too. This brought my hair back to life. I like this line better than the daily shampoo and conditioner option.

Volumizing Mist – This is awesome for a mid day lift or second day hair!

Still looking for a sulfate and paraben free hairspray and dry shampoo! Hard to find. Will report back:)

There are so many factors to healthy skin like what we eat, our environment, blood type, etc. It can really help when you understand your skin type, and are consistent with what you use. Happy to help if you have any questions about these products or need a good skin care routine for your specific skin type. Feel free to email me, I will be sure to answer personally.

P.S. A helpful article on the power of antioxidants!

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  • No wonder your skin is always so flawless – you really do use the best products!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I recently joined Beautycounter too, so I LOVED reading about your favorite products! Have you tried the lip sheer? It is definitely my new favorite lipstick–it feels like a lip balm but the color is fabulous (I have Scarlet) and it stays on for a surprisingly long time!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Anna! ?
    Hope it was special & Blessed in many ways!
    (And you didn’t hide behind the couch all day ??)

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  • Would love to try the Plumping Facial Oil.

  • So I’m curious as to why you don’t use the cleansing balm as a cleanser? Isn’t that the primary use? I have it and have only used it for that purpose. If you use it for hands/feet then I assume you are just rubbing it in as a lotion? And not washing it off?

  • Nancy Palmer

    Happy Birthday sweet Anna. I so enjoy your blog and it’s clean simplicity. Have a wonderful day! God bless ✝️

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  • Brigid Dupuy

    Hi Anna!! I would love to try some samples of the beauty counter products! I’m not sure which ones you can send but I am really interested in the cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Let me know if this might be possible please! Thanks! God bless, Brigid

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