5 Steps to Glowing Skin.

October 10, 2017

I don’t like to wear a whole lot of makeup, so the summer tan was a compassionate friend! It is leaving me fast though, and my skin is heading towards that familiar winter tone. I still don’t want to wear too many layers of makeup to overcompensate for the lack of color. I try to avoid self-tanners and such due the level of chemicals, so these are some items I have played around with that offer a healthier, clean ingredient alternative to glowing skin year round. Of course, it’s important to note that lots of water and nutrients through the foods we eat are the best ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthy!


5 Steps to Glowing Skin:

1. Touchup Concealer Pen
2. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer
3. Matte Bronzer
4. Glow Shimmer Oil
5. Nourishing Lip Gloss


These are the only products I am wearing in the above pic in addition to volumizing mascara. If you haven’t already downloaded the Think Dirty app like I have mentioned before, you gotta do it! It really helps understand which products in your makeup bag are healthy for your skin and which are on the toxic side. I used to buy just drugstore beauty brands because I’m always on a budget, but the good thing is, these products last for months so it really stretches your dollar.

What have been some effective tricks for you in maintaining healthy skin through winter?


*Disclosure: I became a part of the Beautycounter company after reading their mission, and seeing a positive change in my skin. I only like to share things I really use and love, so this is my honest opinion! If you have any questions about products, need help color matching, or would like to ask me any questions about joining my team, feel free to email me! 

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  • I hate to be THAT person, but does BeautyCounter ever offer certain promotions or discounts? I’m really interested in converting over to cleaner beauty products, but can’t quite pull the trigger on $40 moisturizer yet.

    • I am all about a deal too;) They offer different deals every month so if you are on their email list you will get the heads up on those! They just launched holiday bundle deals so that is what this month’s focus is. Thankfully all of the products only take a little bit so it lasts for a good long while. I have had my tinted moisturizer for months now, and have used it every day!

  • I’d love to try the tinted moisturiser out. It sounds like a great product!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’ve heard so many good things about BeautyCounter! I’m totally going to have to give it a try soon!


  • Your skin is beautiful!! I love this minima makeup routine. What types of products do you use in the winter for your washing/moisturizing routine? Beauty counter as well?

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you so much! It definitely has improved since I finally stopped putting skin care on the back burner- ha! I was terrible. Anyways, yes it’s nice to have a line I can trust with safe ingredients that actually rebuild your skin. I use a mix of the Beautycounter nourishing line and rejuvenating line:) A few favorites are the Day Cream, Nourishing cleanser, and Rejuvenating Night cream! I tend to struggle with dry skin in winter and these have helped so much:) I have a few other faves I use here and there, but those are staples.

  • The Dew Skin Tinted Mousturizer sounds great, but anything that adds a dewy look doesn’t work well for my oily skin! Is there a comparable BC product for oily/combo skin? Any ideas?

    • Hi Jenny:) Yes the Tint Skin Foundation is a really good alternative. It’s a lightweight formula that evens skin tone, and the sodium hyaluronate, which is a natural moisture magnet, promotes smoother-looking skin. It absorbs easily. Something that also helps for combo/oily skin is the nourishing skin care line which doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils like many cleansers can do (causing the body to overproduce natural oils). Let me know if you have any other q’s. Happy to help!

  • Do you take your makeup a shade lighter to match your tone in the winter? I’m hoping to try out some Beauty Counter products especially moisturizer for winter but I’m a tad nervous matching color to skin tone online!

    • Hi Katie! Yes, I go a shade lighter in the winter:) The BC customer service team is amazing at color matching, but I also have tint skin foundation samples I could send you if you prefer to try in person? Shoot me your address to: hello@inhonorofdesign.com and I can send your way. x

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