Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Week 2 Looks

July 15, 2017


(Dress // Tote // Sandals (similar) // Earrings // similar watch)

These last few weeks this 22 piece summer capsule wardrobe really came to the rescue! I still haven’t purchased anything for my closet this month because I have had everything I needed. I no longer have the struggle of trying to piece impulsive purchases together. It also made packing for our Florida trip a breeze, and I’m beginning to think it’s the way to live! It was time consuming to think it through in the beginning, but the mental freedom its given me since has been incredible.



Striped bodysuit (order up a size) // White linen sailor pants // Sandals // Diaper bag backpack c/0 // Earrings


Striped button down // denim shorts // White leather sneakers // Ball cap // Tote c/o


Striped bodysuit // Floral skirt // Fringe sandals // Wide brim hat  


Citron yellow top // White linen sailor pants // Espadrilles // Similar wicker tote // Earrings


Silk halter top // Wide leg linen pants (old from Anthro, similar here) // Sandals // similar bag // Earrings


I realize more and more that when we are detached from material things, they don’t have the control over us to consume our thoughts or our self perceptions. When there is a healthy understanding of the purpose of style, there is more room to use fashion for good.  When I remind myself that what I choose to wear can also elevate my dignity or compliment my interior being, there is no longer a tug and pull of feeling like I am not enough. There is no longer a need for more.

There are many days I am tempted to stay in an old tee (and believe me, many days I do!) when I am caught up in the day to day grind of life. Days when I am tempted to feel like the messes that I am surrounded in. If anything, this capsule has challenged me to put more thought into the connection between who we are and what we wear. But I realize on the days I choose to put in more effort, I choose to wear something that speaks a little louder to me. My state of mind and attitude can quickly change….. I am here. I have purpose. I am enough. 


*Looks 1-7 here, and the 22 piece capsule here.



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  • Wow Anna, you’re AMAZING! Reading your entry got be all excited! Your writing is beautiful and very inspirational! Thank you! Blessings, Candice

  • I always dither on whether to keep my fringe/bangs or not, but whenever I see your beautiful photos, it inspires me to keep up with this hairstyle even though it’s so high maintenance. You’re so beautiful, and cute outfits, too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I really love all these looks! I am pregnant this summer.. which is NOT fun.. but I am enjoying the simplicity of getting dress. I have two pairs of shorts, 3 dresses, white jeans and a skirt and 6-7 tops. I love my parred down wardrobe. Sometimes too many choices becomes overwhelming, but now I take about 2 seconds to pull an outfit together! Anyway, just wanted to say you look GREAT and you make motherhood look GREAT!

  • I love how bright and colorful your capsule is! I
    feel like most capsules tend to be more neutrals ( so everything goes well together) but your capsule is so fun! ?

    • Thanks Shannon! Yes, the only way I could get excited about a capsule was doing one with bolder colors;) I have loved every outfit as a result!

  • You are looking stunning, Anna! I am also a follower of the capsuled wardrobe idea! I’ve been doing that for the last couple of years – buying a few pieces that go well with anything and then dressing them up with colourful accessories 🙂 I love your backpack, I’ve been trying to get one like this for some time now.

    • Thank you so much Severina! I think I hesitated for so long because I thought it would feel constricting when it’s been the opposite! The backpack is a dream. Lots of cool pockets inside;)

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been so inspired by your capsule wardrobe posts! This is by far my favorite capsule wardrobe that I’ve seen!
    Do you find the yellow ball earrings overly heavy? I just love them and have been contemplating buying the same ones! I bought some other earrings from that shop and they make my ears itch like crazy, but they’re so cute they are worth it! Ha!

    • Thank you so much Stephanie, that is encouraging to hear! It has been really fun for me, and so nice not to have to think when getting dressed! The earrings don’t make me itchy, but the yellow ones are a little heavy. I only wear them an hour at a time though so still love to wear them!

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