22 Piece Summer Capsule Conclusions

August 21, 2017


At the beginning of this capsule the number 22 seemed like a small number to work with for a whole summer. This is funny to me now considering there were a few items I only wore once or twice. I could have probably worked with 15 and been fine! It was eye opening to realize how I’ve lived in a state of excess for so long. It’s much easier not to think through what we wear and where we buy our clothing than it is to be intentional about it. I often just don’t feel like I have the brain space to think through a whole month’s worth of outfits. However, as I mentioned previously, after it was all said and done, this experience saved me time and money in the end! It also felt like I had an interior and mental shift along with it.


Having a capsule wardrobe may serve different purposes for different people, but for me personally, this is what I have come to conclude:

  • I don’t have to own much to feel good about what I wear and be comfortable in my own skin. If the pieces I do choose to wear are items that fit well and compliment my interior being, I don’t tire of wearing them.
  • Excess makes me feel cluttered in more than one way. Not only does a heavy closet make me feel anxious, but having more than I need makes me feel anxious as well. The waste of money or misuse of goods always takes a toll on my interior life.
  • Mental freedom! Not having to think about what to wear or wasting time online browsing for the past few months has given me so much mental freedom! Something you don’t realize was even taking time from your week until you step away from it. Not to mention it saved a good deal of money being on an unintentional spending freeze!

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I just have to commit to the initial time investment of assembling the right mix and match pieces. However, I don’t think I need a designated number anymore to help me live a more simple wardrobe life. Has anyone tried a fall or winter capsule? I’d love to hear your experience! It doesn’t get cool till November here in the south so not sure what to do in these in between months yet.

Thank you all for following along this capsule experience! Your encouragement was certainly motivating to keep it up, even when I wasn’t documenting. This week I am working on finding the best places in my area to donate gently used clothes I no longer use or need, and plan on going through the kids’ drawers as well.

Life is so brief, that it always brings me back to the root of our being and the life I hope to live. I don’t want to be attached to material goods, but I don’t mind using them if they benefit me putting my best step forward.


*To assemble a capsule I recommend starting a secret pinterest board to pin items you are considering and see how they pair visually. This was really helpful when putting together mine. Here is the original post with the .gif of all 30 flat lays.


Tops: Citrus yellow cami, White lace eyelet top (sold out, but similar here), Golden floral top, Poppy cold shoulder top, Lettuce edge tee (sold out, but similar ), Made in the Shade tee, Red striped tank, Blue and white striped button down, Off the shoulder gingham top, Striped bodysuit (order a size up), Ivory satin halter top,

Bottoms: Wide leg chambray linen pants (similar here), Wide leg side slit linen pants, Denim shorts, Red floral skirt, Golden yellow ruffle edge skirt, Blush pink linen skirt, Chambray jumpsuit (another similar here and here), White linen sailor  pants

Dresses: Floral dress, Striped gauze dress

Shoes: White leather sneakers c/o m.gemi, gladiator sandals, white fringe sandals, blue suede pom espadrilles, pink and cognac wedges

Bags: Floral straw bag, Vintage bird cage bag (found on etsy), Circle crossbody (similar), Market tote, Blush pink tote, camel backpack (not pictured)

Accessories: Silk scarf, chambray ball cap, lemon drop earrings, coral tassel earrings, chandelier earrings, gold studs, pink watch, a straw hat or two.

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  • So inspiring, thank you for doing this challenge! I think I’ll take on it myself!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I have found it helpful to keep two capsules out for in-between seasons! Here in Kansas we NEVER know what the weather will be, haha. I have plenty of room in my closet so I just keep two available and then I’m ready for whatever temp/precipitation comes my way! Love your style and your darling family.

    • Love that Caitlin! I keep some sweaters and long sleeve shirts in my closet year round, so it would be cool to have capsules that compliment each other!

  • I love your style

  • I really love all your choices here – and LOVE that you were able to do so much with a wardrobe that wasn’t just neutrals or black and white like so many of them! I think trying something like this and seeing it work would convince me that it’s okay to pare down my wardrobe and invest in just a few really quality and versatile pieces as long as they work well together. Of course, I’ll still have a lot of drawers full of workout gear and ratty painting and construction clothes, but I don’t need to spend so much on my nicer stuff 😀

    • Kristin, thank you so much for the comment. Yes, I will perpetually have a bucket of workout clothes under my bed. ha! But I guess I didn’t realize if I set aside some time to find pieces that I really love, I actually don’t need much at all! x

  • Your summer capsule is perfection!
    I just don’t have the brain power to put a capsule together myself so I am a HUGE fan of Get Your Pretty On’s seasonal capsule wardrobes. Her fall capsule launches next week and I can’t wait to see it! http://stylechallenges.com/ Thought that service may be useful to other readers like myself. 🙂

  • I have loved seeing all your capsule wardrobe inspiration! It’s been so fun to see all the looks you make!


  • So perfect, nice and inspiring
    I really do love your style and choices.

  • Pat Schwab

    Anna, Great series. I found myself reaching for the same jean capris all summer with different tops. I always keep some sweaters or long sleeved tops out all year too. I keep my tanks out all year too for layering and under cardigans and blazers too.

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