Back to the midwest.

October 17, 2017


It’s very easy in the digital age we live in to feel like we are making connections with people throughout the day, even if we never see anyone in person. I am sure the same goes for you that you don’t receive many phone calls anymore, and a letter in the mailbox is a treasure. I don’t deny that these connections can be uplifting, supportive, and on some level fulfilling. However, there are currently more people suffering from loneliness and depression than ever before. There is nothing that can replace the connection that comes from investing time person to person. Relationships always have and always will require intention and follow through, but maybe now more than ever we have to fight for it.

Since our schedule allows more flexible time now, we really wanted to make more of an effort for time visiting family and friends far away. Since losing loved ones in the past few years, something that stirs up within me is how we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. So when we saw a chance, we packed our bags and drove north to Ohio where I was raised, to pay a visit to my grandmother who hadn’t yet met Azelie! I have a small handful of people in my life who still write me letters. Two of them being my grandmother, and my best friend from high school. (Neither of them have social media ironically or not so ironically.) We got to visit with both, and even though we had projects due, a long drive with little ones ahead, and a bag full of excuses why we shouldn’t go, we did anyway.

The house that raised my mother, where my wonderful grandma still lives.

I’m sitting here typing with tired puffy eyes, but with so much gratitude for the weekend we just had. Time with those near and dear is unmatched. There are no phone calls, emails, DM’s or even FaceTime that can take the place of real time, real life, real connection with those we love. I get homesick for the midwest in October, and it felt like a piece of me woke up from a long slumber just getting to be in a few places that hold so much significance to me.

It is important to Gabe and I to connect the dots of our family history for our kids so that they can understand how deeply rooted the love of family can be. (Even if that family is friendships!) It can be the foundation to our understanding of where we came from and where we are headed.

Just something I have been thinking about a good deal and wanted to write it out to process. Wishing you all a good week ahead.


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  • Such a beautiful post. It’s true that we don’t spend enough time with our loved ones anymore. I’m glad you take the time to visit yours now! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Ah what a refreshing and beautiful post!

  • Your grandmother’s house is so beautiful!


  • Beautiful. I’m so glad you guys decided to get away and take time to reflect on what your heart is feeling. It’s definitely easy to feel connected to people via social media and think it is filling your need for community and relationships, but nothing can compare to face-to-face quality time. Thanks for the reminder and sharing your thoughts.

  • So beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been thinking of this recently too! The third step on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is Belonging: Friends, Family and Community! As we are moving every two years, I can see just how deeply it effects our children, when they struggle to feel a sense of belonging outside our family.

  • Good for you! There are some days when I realize that I haven’t talked to another adult all day. It’s great that you’re making a conscious effort!

  • So lovely – thanks for sharing! ? Time is short and cherishing time with family is so important! And that house though- swoon!

  • gosh, i love this! i am so constantly hit by the things you mentioned… connecting to the internet vs. connecting in real life… taking opportunities to hit the road and see your far away loved ones… letter writing being a cherished but nearly lost way of corresponding!! i bet it felt so good just to head off to see fam and unplug for a smidge. i’m so thankful of all the capabilities we have, but it’s that much more important to be mindful, i suppose!! and oh that house is beautiful!!! the memories it must hold!

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