Summer Bedding

March 25, 2019

This comforter version of our coverlet is available on UO.

Thanks to that second trimester nesting energy, I seem to have caught the bug to shift and change and clean my way through the entire house! Yikes. We are going to be changing things up in our bedroom, and the first thing we did was switch from winter to summer bedding….timed perfectly with our A/C unit breaking…

We just switched out the headboard for a softer, cozier option, since I will be up multiple times a night this fall nursing a baby leaning against it. I was sad to part ways with the garden trellis! I found this tufted bed frame above on Joss & Main. It was actually a more beige color than ivory as pictured on the website which I was bummed about at first, but now it gives a little more contrast to the wall which we are still debating what to do with! I also love the wood panel sides of this bed.

Something easier to change than furniture though? Bedding. I usually rotate just twice a year at the change of seasons. I switched out our sheets for super soft satin sheets from Gryphon Home, and it doesn’t help with the motivation to get out of bed in the morning! The linen duvet cover set is from Hearth and Hand. Also, have you all tried a sponge topper on your mattress? It makes it such a comfortable feel!

​​​​​​​I always ask myself the following questions before making a home purchase:

1) Is this something I will love a few years from now? 5 years from now? Or is it too trendy?
2) Is the quality worth the price? Does the price reflect the quality?
3) Is it something that is cohesive with the end goal of the space?

I can’t tell you how many times those questions have talked me off the purchase ledge of items hanging in online shopping carts across the inter webs. In a good way! Building a home you love means pieces you won’t tire of quickly or won’t fall apart by actually being used! The good thing about bedding, throws, or pillows is that they can make a room feel like new on a relatively low budget.

P.S. I am working on writing a post that can help break down the steps to designing a room so that you can feel more confident in making your own house feel like a home. Many of you have expressed to me how overwhelming that can feel at times. I would love to hear – what do you think your biggest obstacle is when pulling a room together for your home?

Tufted headboard + bedframe
Down comforter
Linen Duvet Set
Bamboo pillows
velvet pillows (sold out so linked a similar one)
King pillows
floor mirror (similar for less)
side tables (sold out)
similar task lamps
ceiling fan
art print download
Medallion Rug

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  • I think one of my biggest challenges is committing to a direction. I can be drawn to things that wouldn’t be cohesive together in a room. It’s also hard because so many elements affect each other, so it often feels like I need to be able to afford to switch up several things at once or live for a time with a space that doesn’t look cohesive.

  • Darlene wians

    Your children are adorable- I have 7 myself and your young family reminds me of the simpler times. Thanks for sharing. I struggle with walls, I leave them blank for lonnnggg periods of time.

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Thank you so much Darlene I appreciate that! Walls are tough for me too. Will take this into account for the next post!

  • Mixing fabrics/textures and colors. I so often end up with a room all one color. Everything in my home is beige. I’m also terrified to hang things on the walls. I always think I’ll make a mistake

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      I think this is commog for many people because it feels too risky sometimes to end up with colors and textures that don’t do well together. Helpful feedback thank you!

  • Your upcoming post on pulling together a room is exactly why I’m here! We have pretty much nothing – married as grad students, and while we’re now in our jobs, we’re still living with the few things we had as grad students, and are recently moved into a new home. It is a great size for us, but we have pretty much nothing we want to keep, so trying to find anything for any one room is overwhelming. I know I should pick one room and start there, but I’m struggling with what I want that one room to look like. I think part of it is that I don’t have an inspiration piece – I struggle to find art that I like, I prefer solids to patterns (love texture for getting different vibes that people would usually get from patterns), and so I don’t know what to start with as the one item to design around.

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      I was in this spot before so I know exactly what you mean Alix! I’ll make sure to go over some of these points!

  • These are such beautiful bedding pieces Anna. Thanks for sharing tips especially the questions you ask yourself before purchasing. That’s helpful. I bought new bedding a year ago and went with white since we hadn’t even begun to set up our bedroom. At Christmastime I found a cheep red quilt and shams at Target and added it to it to add a little Christmas cheer. To my dismay when I went to wash the bedding I realized the red dye had stained the white duvet and shams!! I haven’t brought myself to replace it since it’s just a year old but should at some point because it bugs me. And yes, I’m one of those people who struggles with making our house a home and would love to read your thoughts on tackling it. For me it’s the last decorating details. We moved in with next to nothing (even picture frames and things like that) so each item to decorate with has needed to be purchased. Like you I have wanted to be careful with purchases and often I find that I’ll think about getting something like a vase for the mantle but refrain due to not knowing how to pair it with other things. I hope that makes sense. Things for holidays are easier but my living room (among other rooms) needs some decorating attention right now. I read recently that working on one room at a time can be really helpful for this and it’s what I’m aiming for.

  • I think my challenges in decor are creating a realistic budget and then not blowing it on one or two items when I still have the whole room to furnish. I can never seem to figure out how to focus on the thing that will make the biggest difference and so end up with a load of fluff from hobby lobby and no curtains

  • Anamaria

    For me it’s cost! We have bought very little in our house at all (hand me downs, gifts, etc) and even what we’ve bought isn’t new! We are not even planning to budget for new stuff so advice on pulling together a room without buying much would be great. But maybe that’s just me!

  • Hi Anna, did you write this post yet? I looked for a while but couldn’t find it and would love to see it. Thank you! Xoxo

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