key lime pie ice cream

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Recipe

August 18, 2016

key lime pie ice cream


We can’t let August pass us by without a good ice cream dish to try to get us through the heat! Thank you to Holly Jordan for being a guest today and letting us in on how easy it is to make this divine Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Recipe!



dining room reveal

Dining Room Makeover Reveal

August 16, 2016

dining room makeover

We moved into our new home at the beginning of the summer, and started our first home project a few weeks later. It would seem we are chaos addicts. This dining room makeover however was something I was so looking forward to because it was a Trading Spaces challenge with my dear friend Lesley Graham. I got to help tackle her living room space, and she helped me dream up our dining area which basically meant I didn’t have to make all the decisions for my own home! (This was wonderfully refreshing.) Not only that, I got to partner with Home Decorators Collection to make it happen. This made the choices we faced a little easier considering all the great pieces we found were in one place.


Joanna Goddard's Home

My design process and the start of our living room refresh.

August 12, 2016

Well nesting has officially taken over. Poor Gabe.

Suddenly I am tearing through every room like a woman on an IV of caffeine. I kind of love this energy though as it doesn’t come till the very end of a pregnancy for me! I am working on our living room layout since that is where we spend a good deal of time, and I’ve got so many ideas bursting. Here’s how I usually start a design process…

creative process


I will always prefer print and paper and tearing up mags and comparing textile samples. It fuels me creatively way differently than pinterest and social media, as those always feel slightly vague and out of reach, ya know? I put together images that I’m drawn to, and usually can pick up a pattern of color or style aesthetic from a visual board I assemble.


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