What’s on your fall bucket list?

September 16, 2016



With a new baby, I am keeping the expectations real low around here for a fall bucket list, but autumn being my favorite season, you bet your bottom I am still making one! Even if it takes till the end of November to complete;) I asked my little ones to help me come up with some ideas. Here are our top ten:

  1. “Rake a big pile of leaves and jump in them!” – Veronica, 5 yrs. 
  2.  Apple Orchard visit 
  3. Find costumes for all 5 kids before halloween (big goals, little steps) – Me
  4. Backyard bonfires with marshmallows “and fire!” – Max, 3 yrs.
  5. Annual 1st of November Feast
  6.  Bed and breakfast staycation with Gabe
  7. “Foggy mountain morning hike” – Gabriel, 7 yrs.
  8. Eat one too many homemade scones – Rocco, 1 yr.
  9. Master a mean homemade latte
  10.  Declutter our closets and donate coats and sweaters to the local shelter

Do you have anything you are wanting to tackle this fall? 
Happy weekend! 


New baby favorites.

September 15, 2016


It feels like a whole new experience getting to have a baby girl again. Forgot how fun the little details of sugar and spice and everything nice are. As we settle into a family of 7, there is little I have been doing than holding babes, feeding, napping, and somehow getting them all dressed and fed;) I will have to write a post soon about the best things you can do for a new mother, because my friends and family have taught me some lessons in that the last few weeks!

These are a few items for wee ones that are either new or long time favorites:

Free Babes Bows – It is so hard to find bows that fit newborns, let alone premies! These little bow headbands from Free Babes fit Azelie perfectly. They have sailor bows as well for big sisters.

Blabla dreamcatcher mobile – Loved how plush this is, and it actually makes for a really sweet wall hanging!

Little Unicorn Security Blankets – Found these at SugarBoo and Co. They have the satin lining that my children love that are small enough to tote around everywhere. After my son Max attached himself to a queen size duvet, I figured I would jump the gun and force a mini size attachment blanket on Azelie;) This line also carries my favorite swaddles. *They are offering a 15% discount of your purchase with code IHOD15.

Munchkin latch bottles – I have written about these before. Still my favorite for newborn through toddlers.

Briar Bonnets – Purely for my own enjoyment. I can’t resist a baby in a bonnet! Briar carries the best prints in all sizes!

Alimrose mini doll – Veronica saved this doll for months to give the baby in case we had a girl. She has the large one. These are handmade and such good quality.

Pacifier Clip and Natursutten pacifiers – A winning combination. Azelie doesn’t use this yet, but Rocco is currently very attached to this combo! 

Seventh Generation shampoo and diaper cream – Can’t get over the scent. It’ll make your babies smell edible. The ingredients are safe and effective!

Ring Teether – My sister just started making these! These beads are the only type teether Rocco liked, and they are safe and easy to clean. You can email hertriciasimpson2 (at) to snag one for $14. She can make girl, boy, or gender neutral!

Sollybaby Wrap – Never have I needed a babywrap more! With a 14 month at my ankles and a newborn in need of mama time, this has been used to death these last few weeks! Dying to get my hands on their Rifle Paper Co design.

Sleep hat – My sister in law sent this gift and thought it was too cute not to share. Goes over their eyes, and had me laughing at the mini Audrey Hepburn sleep mask it resembles.

Any baby favorites you swear by? Happy almost weekend! 
*Artwork behind the items is by Max Wanger




Not sponsored by any of the above companies. Just genuinely love to support small businesses and share products that we appreciate!


Going clean routines.

September 14, 2016



This past year I have been slowly converting to I guess what you would call a clean freak. I read labels, watch all the documentaries, and read articles that help me become more aware of the products I am introducing to my kids. You can say it’s the mother bear in me. I don’t trust many brands these days for full disclosure so I try to read up on my own and ask the advice of friends and family who are also in the clean freak category. (wink wink) Everything from the contents of our medicine cabinets, cleaning supplies, fridge, and pantry have been evaluated. I still have a ways to go, but there are some simple things we have changed around here to move in the right direction. We have had such a good experience so far with the Seventh Generation products, that I knew I would have a similar experience with their new laundry detergent packs.


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