Let’s Discuss: Social Media

August 28, 2018

(Photo from when I taught classes on social media – ironically.)


Today Gabe and I wanted to open up the conversation about social media. Gabe was an educator and school administrator for middle school and high school aged students for almost ten years, and has seen first hand the shift from pre-social media to a technology oriented generation. Social media is a large part of the work we do as bloggers, so it is something we are constantly evaluating. We do believe it can be used for good, but in the same vein we will probably only be giving our children flip phones in high school. šŸ˜‰ We want this post to be merely food for thought and discussion within your own circle of friends and families. It is not meant to draw conclusions or judgements as we are very much still in the unknown of this newer age of technology. I am going to turn it over to Gabe to share his experience and research.


Article Sofa Giveaway

August 23, 2018

We thought it was time for an update on our beloved friend Sven, the family sofa. It’s the center of our most used room in the home, so it receives a lot of love and attention. Because we love this sofa so much, we are thrilled to be able to team up with Article to offer a Sven Sofa giveaway in today’s post to one of our readers! Enter below.


High vs. Low: Home Decor Looks for Less

August 20, 2018


Round Gold Rimmed Mirror: High | Low

Gold Floor Lamp: High | Low

Starburst Round Jute Rug: High | Low

Pink Velvet Chair: High | Low

Leather Morrocan Pouf: High | Low

Wood Arm Chair: High | Low


Basic Dry Wall to Aged Brick Wall. (+ Timelapse Video)

August 17, 2018


This past month, we worked with Emily Harris and North Georgia Brick to take a standard dry wall in our studio room and convert it into an aged brick wall. (Or as close to one as you can get without it actually being aged!) We have worked with Emily before on our dining room walls, and love how it transformed the entire feel of the room. Our area doesn’t have any homes older than early 90’s so we thought we would tackle the challenge of making a space your own outside despite it’s standard build.We are sharing a timelapse video today of the entire room from start to finish….

Studio Room + Guest Room – Phase 1

August 14, 2018

We have been working on finishing a room in our daylight basement that will work as both a studio/work space and a guest room! We had the basics finished for a while now, so it was fun to finally start designing. I thought I would share how I select lighting for a space, and the original design board because I think it helps to see the process behind a room…


Weekend Roundup!

August 9, 2018


I am posting this a little early, but here is my weekend round up for you!

–  A few podcasts I have been listening to that have been really uplifting – The Life Coach School, Goal Digger Podcast, Super Soul Sunday. I’ve got ‘Everybody Always’ on my audible list for when carpool to school starts up again. What have you been listening to?

Travel tips for getting through customs quickly.

August 8, 2018



We recently took the whole gang to get passports for an upcoming trip, and it shockingly went pretty quickly! (Props to Gabe for being really prepared and having all of our documents ready beforehand.) Since we are heading to Dominican Republic next month, we need to have passports and go through customs. I was feeling really anxious about that, but so many of you shared helpful travel tips for getting through customs quickly. There were some great nuggets of info, so decided to put them all in one post for anyone else wondering the same things I was!


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