Girls Room Closet Makeover

August 1, 2019

With the new baby coming we have been shifting rooms, and subsequently closets! It’s a crazy amount of things that can accumulate in such small spaces, and today we get to share the before, during, and after of a closet clean out + makeover of our girls’ room. (Custom shelves and clothing bar DIY here!)

Veronica (8) and Azelie (almost 3) share a smaller bedroom right now (It’s about 12 ft. x 12 ft.), so it’s been a fun challenge to figure out how to design a space that works for both of their ages! Bunk beds were a great floor space solution, that they both still really like. You can check out their bedroom reveal post for more of their room.


The closet on the other hand…it has been kind of a haphazard mess that was low on the priority list as we were doing other bigger projects around the house. Azelie’s clothes have been in another room all of this time!

I still don’t know how we fit in here…

The first thing I did was pull just about everything out of the closet, sort into piles of what stays and go’s, and made a list of everything that would need to be done. We decided to build custom wood shelves and hanging rack since they are so sturdy and last forever! While Gabe worked on that, I worked on designing a layout that could actually fit not only their in season clothing (which we keep pretty minimal), but their dolls, toys, and off season clothing and bedding as well. Gabe removed all of the wire shelves + patched the walls so we could start fresh!

We initially debated custom drawers on the side of the closet, but realized quickly it would be more time and cost efficient to do something pre-built. I found this chest of drawers on IKEA that was exactly the dimensions of the side section of the closet. It is a sturdier design than others I have experienced, and although we had to assemble it wasn’t all that bad to assemble! Took approximately 2-3 hrs. total. We switched out the knobs for some fun ones I had been saving for a worthy cause;)

Wooden floating shelves How- To

Replacing the Shelving
On the other side we kept the same shelf set up, but just replaced the wire shelves for wooden floating shelves. The larger basket at the bottom will be used either as a hamper or for blanket storage. I loved these stackable bins I also found at IKEA for the girls legos, tea sets, and other keepsake items.

On the top floating shelf where we will keep more baskets for off season clothes, dress ups, or items they don’t use on a daily basis. Veronica also is going to keep some craft projects and sewing kit up there that she doesn’t want Azelie to get into – because toddlers are good at that. We had quite an unfortunate nail salon spill all over the carpet recently….ahem.

Hanging Clothes Bar
The bar was actually pretty simple to assemble and install (more on that soon as well!), but we kept it only the width we needed. I try to keep the girls clothes pretty simple with a mix and match capsule wardrobe each season. The nicer shirts and dresses we hang, and the rest goes in drawers.


Funny story about the small vintage dresser – I originally spotted it on Facebook marketplace and fell in love! I clicked on it immediately, and realized that it was my sister who was selling it! (Sharing taste in all things since we were tots.) Called her up and she graciously let me take it offer her hands!

Utilizing Every Inch
This closet is definitely full, with every inch utilized! If it was just Veronica, I wouldn’t add the dresser, but this is what you call making it work with the space you have:)

I also used the larger Kuggis storage bins in the large size for under their bed!

Top shelf:
color block baskets – $15 ea. (sold out but similar here)
white round basket – $24 (sold out but similar here)

Side shelves:
stackable light green bins – $8 ea.
white rope basket – $25 (sold out but similar here)
wicker fringe hamper basket – $30

Ikea side chest of drawers – $199 (Already had drawer knobs) (sold out but similar here)
Vintage Dresser: (Already had from my sister)
No -slip rose gold and white hangers: $21
Rosebud print download (from our shop)
Vintage piggy bank – (three generations old from Gabe’s Oma!)
Wood materials, brackets, and hardware – $85
(We already had wood finish, wood glue, and screws on hand from Gabe’s handy dandy workshop.)
Total Cost: $410

Side note – This cost almost as much as our powder room bathroom makeover – whoa! Although, I would say this could be half the cost if you just use whatever baskets you have on hand, or try inexpensive stackable bins until you find cheaper options at a flea market.

Before + After

I can now let out a big exhale! This was a very satisfying project to complete as someone who is nesting furiously like a bat out of he**. Lucky for me, Gabe was excited about the challenge too. We are sharing some fun video timelapse of this process on IGTV tomorrow, and there are many behind the scenes videos on instagram in our highlight section as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have though in the comment section below!

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  • I envy your time management skills and clean closets! Definitely sending to my husband to see if it inspires him too lol

  • Kristina Bailey

    Absolutely love this closet. So beautiful. Great ideas.

  • I have been waiting for this closet to be done so I have ideas before we redesign ALL of the closets in our house! I love the baskets and the shelf design.

  • This looks great and is really inspiring me to tackle the closet in my girls’ shared room….

  • Madeleine

    So beautiful and inspiring! We have small rooms and closets; loved how you made use of every nook and cranny!

    On a side note…I may happen to have a nail polish spill to deal with on my own carpet c/o our resident 3 year old. Any tips for effective removal?

    • Thank you Madeleine! And nail polish stains are the worst! Thankfully this was kids nail polish so a little easier to remove. I scraped off some, and then blotted with nail polish remover to remove as much as I could. Use a toothbrush to continue to scrub out after you blot out as much as you can. Rubbing alcohol might work as well.

  • So cute! I am in the process of updating my laundry room and I have been envisioning a clothing rod similar to yours, but when I search online for brackets, I haven’t been able to find ones with a wide-enough circumference for a clothing rod that are also middle mount. Would you mind sharing your source for them?

    • Gabe Liesemeyer

      Thanks Talie! I found them on Amazon and I will be including a direct link for them in the instruction post next week. They are for 1 1/4 diameter rods. What specific diameter are you looking for?

  • I’m so excited to see how Gabe made the shelves! I loved how you utilized that small space to either side of the closet and were able to fill it with sooo much! I also enjoyed that you didn’t do everything in bins or everything in baskets it was all balanced out.

  • Anna,

    I LOVE everything about this! Our girls’ bedroom has been needing a refresh and I feel guilty that I haven’t worked on it but also inspired by your work. We have those stackable bins all over the house but I never considered putting them under the bed. That would be so helpful for storing their “treasures”!

    Their finished closet is beautiful, and I love the light that disco ball makes. I can’t wait to see the notes on how you made the clothing rack.

    I was wondering where you put the wire shelving (or basically anything you remove) when you’re through with it? Do you have it picked up, donate it, etc.? In my excitement, I’ve not read the comments below yet. So apologies if you’ve already answered this!


    • Thank you so much Krizia! So glad it could give you some ideas. Don’t feel guilty;) I put this off for years before braving the time it would take! I am sure your girls still love their room. Children just love seeing their special things even if it isn’t perfectly decorated!

      We put all of the wire shelving (including hardware) on FB marketplace for cheap since often times builders or homeowners scour there for good deals. That way it saved it from going to waste. We usually donate, give to a family member, or put things on FB marketplace with things we are no longer using:)

  • What are the dimensions on this closet? We just found out we are expecting Baby #3 in April, and need to move our kids (4 and 2) into the same room and combine their closets! Also…need to get our master closet in order before baby gets here 😉 Thanks for the ideas!

    • Hi Amy,

      I am so sorry for the late reply! it is about 7ft long by just under 2 ft deep.

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  • Love this closet idea! We just bought yet another old house with a super tiny closet in our girls room…you’ve definitely given me some inspiration for my 2 girls’ closet…On a side note, where do you find your girl’s clothes…they look sooo stinkin’ cute!!! <3 <3 <3

    • I am so happy it could provide some inspiration! I actually get the majority of their clothes at consignment shops or Old Navy. Some of the brands I LOVE for girls:, Shop Plain Jane, Mac and Mia, Rylee and Cru, and City Mouse:)

  • Hi! Love your post. Can I ask how your husband has the shelf floating? I want closet shelves without the board underneath also.
    Thank you

  • Hello! Late to the party with a plan to remodel our nursery closet for our first! Can I ask what the depth of your closet is? I’m looking for a similar chest of drawers on the side for our closet currently but wondering how wide it was for the fit like you have in your closet. Hope that makes sense.

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