The start of school, baby update, a final paint color decision, and a new series!

August 16, 2019

Backyard Movie Night – (We’ve been using the same projector for a few years! )


1. It’s been a week of adjusting to new routines, and cramming in a bunch of home projects we are trying to wrap up before the baby comes! I am feeling the need to slow down though, and prep myself both physically and mentally for the birth. I’ve never been good about taking care of myself, so determined to rest leading up to the birth and after the birth properly this time! I found out at the doctor the baby already has hair, and switched from breech to head down – two things that oddly made me tear up. (Although that seems to be a daily occurrence these days. #pregnancy) I will share the things that have helped me prepare next week since you all shared so many helpful tips.


Eden by Magnolia on the left and Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore at 50% on the right.

2. I was beginning to doubt I would ever find the right paint color for the bedroom we are re-designing, but alas! I finally found the one! It was hard to let go of the dark green dream, but with only one window in the room I realized it wasn’t going to work. After narrowing it down to light gray green, one of you suggested ‘Oil Cloth’ by Benjamin Moore. I quickly recognized it as a color I have seen in a few rooms I have loved before. It was just the undertone I was looking for, but still a little too dark. After having Benjamin Moore give me a second sample at 50% less color, it was the perfect fit! I can now move on from my repetitive dreams about paint swatches. Tip: I learned the hard way to go straight to the source for the most accurate color. Getting it matched at Lowe’s ended up being a completely different paint color than getting it matched at Benjamin Moore. I should have guessed!

First Day of School 2019. Little ones still in pjs.

3. The kids have already had two full weeks at their new school. So many of you were so sweet to ask how they have been doing. Relieved to report they are very happy so far. I credit the incredible teachers and staff that have been a part of the school for many years. Gabriel is usually my more nervous about change, and he kept telling me over and over how nice all the kids in his class were. What every parent hopes to hear right? Azelie and Rocco start pre-school after Labor Day which is only a few mornings a week. They are eating up the alone time with mom right now.

From our pantry organization post

4. Has anyone tried Shipt yet? My friend Aimee told me about it, and it sounded almost too good to be true! It’s a flat fee service to get year-round delivery from Target, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Aldi, etc. I just signed up, and ordered my first round of groceries after meal planning. I would love to hear if you have had a good experience? Anything that will prevent multiple store runs! You can use this link for half off the membership if you have been wanting to give it a try!

Date night with Jim Halpert;)

5. We started a new video series on IGTV! We wanted a place to expand more on some of the FAQ’s we receive. Our first topic? Health insurance. Sharing more about the health share program we use as a self-employed family of almost 8, and why it’s been the best option for us! If there are any topics on life, family, or business you would like to see us cover in the near future let us know:)

Enjoy your Friday! We are hoping to squeeze in a backyard movie night tonight with my sister before she leaves for college. Summer nights are still in full swing.

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  • I’ve loved seeing all of your organization projects this summer! Your pantry looks perfect!

  • Shauna DG

    I’m so happy to hear things are all falling into place. I know this can be such a hectic time of year! I’m also very happy to hear you’ll be taking time to relax and give your self a lil TLC before baby comes. That is so so important and I don’t think many moms (especially those who already have Lil ones) do. Wishing you and you family many blessings in this season of life 💛

    • Hi Shauna! Thank you so much:) It is definitely tricky to take it easy when you have toddlers, but working on keeping it super low key! Won’t be leaving the house much – ha!

  • Rachelle Néron

    Thank you so much for this post. I was looking at a sea of grey/green swatches and just couldn’t find the perfect shade. I loved oil rig immediately but it was wayyyy too dark for my space. I had no idea you could get colours lightened. This shade at 50% is pppeeerrrrfeeecttt!!!!

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