Family Halloween Costume Round Up

October 11, 2019

My mom and dad were the ones who started the tradition in our family long ago to make costumes and a have a good laugh at Halloween. It has carried on into our family, and today I thought I would not only share our own past Halloween costumes, but my sister’s families as well! Hope it brings you a good laugh today…

Darth Vader, Luke and Yoda, Stormtrooper, Leia, Ewok, and Rey
Tik Tock Croc, Lost Boy, Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan
Tink, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook
Family Circus
Strong Man, Popcorn Seller, Tight Rope Walker, and Ringmaster
Rocco and Gabe as the Lion and the Lion Tamer
Azelie as the Popcorn
My sister Maria’s family – Jack and Jill and the Hill
Charlie Brown and Lucy
Popeye, Olive, and the can of Spinach
50’s Sock Hop Gang
My sister Angela’s family – Honey bee, honey pot, and bee farmer
The Farmer + the Hens

The Very Hungry Caterpillar characters

My sister hand made these costumes!

My sister Tricia’s boys – Mariachi Band! (We are Hispanic and have relatives in a mariachi band!)

The Little Rascals

We are all in different cities, and getting to see that we carry on this tradition across the miles in different ways is something we look forward to all year! With a new baby I wasn’t feeling quite motivated to make any costumes this year, but we managed to find a pretty easy solution. My kids were actually who came up with the idea this year. They wouldn’t let us off the hook. ha! You will see in a few weeks I guess!

Happy October weekend!

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  • Madeline Bazzle

    oh these are all so good!

  • These are amazing!! I love themed family costumes! The little rascals is particularly cute!

  • […] Thankfully, it seems to be the year for Hogwarts, as these pieces were all easy to find online. The only costume I had to go out and hunt for was my own, but I found all of the pieces at a thrift store. I made Chiara’s with a little fuzzy jacket, white baby pjs, feathers, and felt. Chelsey Heidorn came through for us again with these pictures! Be careful what traditions you start with your family….you may never be able to get out of it! (wink wink) Happy Halloween!P.S. All of our past family costumes here. […]

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