Are we still moving? + Easter Plans

April 3, 2020

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We found out a few days ago that the kids wouldn’t be returning to school this year. Is it the same scenario where you live? Yes schooling them at home will be a significant challenge due to a home business, but the hardest part is that the abrupt finish. I hate that they won’t have closure and goodbyes to friends and wonderful teachers. It is so odd to be going through this reality, and yet I feel like the collective grief we are all experiencing around the word is unifying. There is so much hardship, and yet people continue to fight to rise above it. An incredible reminder that when in crisis, humanity CAN come together for a greater good.

Are we still moving? The answer is hopefully. Most likely it will be super delayed though. We hope that there will a long enough pause in this pandemic to be able to move forward, but we are also holding our breath. The housing market could shift. Home availability in Nashville could come to a complete halt. There are a lot of unknowns. We are continuing to work on our own home to get it market ready. Partly out of optimism, and partly to keep the needle moving on SOMETHING. Our work and livelihood revolves around the home design business in some ways, so we keep going. Even when if feels like a pointless cause. We start a master bathroom renovation next week!

(Last year’s easter basket ideas)

We still plan on celebrating Easter the best we can despite services being cancelled. Making Easter brunch and dinner, home streaming Easter service, dressing up (yay 50% off sale!), doing an egg hunt, and hiding easter baskets. Anyone remember last year’s oven incident? The one where we hid the basket in the oven, forgot where we hid it, and proceeded to bake Easter brunch…oh yes. I can still smell the burnt chocolate when I think of the episode. L.O.L. I am looking forward to the day with my kids.

strawberry shortcake recipe - easter desser

Also looking forward to the annual Strawberry shortcake;)

Easter Menu:
Grilled Ham
Deviled Eggs
Spring Salad
Scalloped Potatoes from Magnola Table Cookbook
Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!

Really going to miss my family this year. I think we are all going to come out of this with more gratitude for the people in our lives. How are you celebrating Easter this year? Wishing you all a bright weekend ahead~

P.S. Need a laugh? Jack Black is your answer.

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  • My children have been struggling this week with the fact that they won’t get to see any of their grandparents or cousins for Easter. I plan on still making brunch before Mass and an Easter feast in the afternoon, bought the girls new dresses and will still do our baskets and egg hunt. I keep telling my kiddos that despite everything changing, Christ is still Risen and we are an Easter people knowing he is victorious!!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Same here Cassie! I love your Easter plans…such a good reminder right now.

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