Weekend Notes: Simple Valentine’s Day Weekend Plans, Movie Picks, Tips for Second Hand Shopping, etc

February 13, 2021

Via Grit and Polish

It would be the easiest year to let some things slide, and I have definitely gone easy on myself in many regards! I’m sure so many of us are feeling the lack of motivation for the things that used to make us happy. I admit I was to just let this Valentine’s Day slip by, but maybe this is the year we all need these small efforts most.

We have snow in the forecast so it will be a pretty low key weekend. I wanted to try some frosted heart cookies for the kids like these from Grit and Polish.

Gabe’s birthday is the 15th which I would always rather make a bigger deal out of. We will probably just do dinner and a movie after the kids are in bed on Valentine’s Day. Chinese takeout and this new movie rental with Emily Blunt looks like a promising RomCom. Anyone seen it?

Not so much a V-day theme movie, but we also really liked News of The World. Hard to watch at times, but really well done.

I love House that Lars Built Valentine shop as a great resource for the most creative downloads and printables.

Going to try this sensory dough for the kids.

A really cool tulip trick for keeping them fresher longer.

Tempted to buy myself this cozy sweatshirt because it’s how I feel about most people in my life right now. (Homesick for my fam.)

In honor of Black History Month, I have really appreciated Read Aloud Revival’s comprehensive book list recs for families. (We are going through these all year.)

kitchen play set makeover

I have been scouring facebook marketplace for a kitchen play set for the kids for a while now, and was lucky to score this wooden set! Came with enough playfood for a full on farmer’s market as well! I will always love the thrill of a second hand makeover. It’s the way I decorated our first apartment. I used a spray gun with Sherwin Williams paint in Whitetail.

1) You can save your search in FB marketplace for specific things like “mid-century dressers” and be notified when a new listing is up. (The key to scoring a deal is acting quick!)
2) OfferUp and NextDoor are apps you can check for local items people are selling, trading, or giving away.
3) Check frequently. Know what you want and don’t give up easy!
4) If you think a price is too high, you can always make an offer with a note you will pay and pick up same day. (I actually love when people offer this because I usually want to clear things out quick!)

I love celebrating your big and small home projects, and you can use our new community hashtag #IHODtotryit so we can check them out! (We have something exciting coming for this hashtag as well!)

I know so many people are experiencing tough winter weather this weekend. (Even Nashville is supposed to get 6-9 in. Monday! I hope wherever you are, you can stay safe and warm!

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  • Wild mountain thyme was the best! I loved it and her voice!! It is like a modern day Quiet Man. <3

  • Hah! You’ll probably get mixed reviews about WMT— I was disappointed but enjoyed the scenic beauty of the farms. I ended up not really liking the characters and the major plot drive left me feeling like I had wasted my time!

    • I appreciate the honest review! I have seen a lot of mixed ones but I admit I love a happy ending because I’m a sucker for old school rom-come!

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