counter depth panel ready fridge

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Round Up

March 31, 2022

counter depth panel ready fridge

I think one of the hardest things to source for our kitchen was hardware in our budget. I was looking specifically for an antique brass finish. In my search I came across a range of styles and price points so I included a round up of cabinet hardware below, including the ones we ended up using for our kitchen!

kitchen cabinet hardware

Lowe’s: One // Two // Three
Etsy: One // Two // Three
Etsy: One // Two // Three
Top Knobs: One // Two // Three
Rejuvenation: One // Two // Three
Home Depot: One // Two // Three
Appliance pulls: 12 inch // top18 inch // bottom 18 inch

green kitchen cabinets - hardware - marble

I used the 18 in. appliance pulls on our fridge and dishwasher, and the 12 in. on our broom closet. It’s helpful to have a proportionate size pull for a heavier cabinet. I chose a mix of knobs and pulls for the drawers depending on the width of the drawer. I think mixing finishes is very doable in a kitchen! Our stove range and faucet are different finishes and yet they all flow well together. You can check the rest of the kitchen series here.

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