kitchen design - sage green cabinets

The Kitchen Reveal Tour!

March 29, 2022

kitchen design - sage green cabinets

In many ways, this kitchen is the heart of our home. We spend hours a day here prepping meals, and an equal amount of time cleaning up. It’s where long conversations between Gabe and I happen late at night while we clean, and where we get the day started packing lunches before school in the morning. This is probably why it has been the most exciting project to see come to life. It hasn’t been without hurdles, intensive problem solving, and many nights in a makeshift kitchen. It’s been something we have really valued getting to share with our IHOD community, and we hope you feel like you learned something along the way! Today we are giving you the official tour, sources, and contractor info. It’s a hefty post so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and cozy up!

white oak kitchen cabinetry

If this is your first blog visit, you can catch our previous updates in our kitchen series where we covered paint selection, all about appliances, countertop pros and cons, hardware, and the timeline and planning process. We knew going into the purchase of this home that we would be doing a gut renovation with the kitchen. We started the plans from scratch, but I had so many of the ideas already tucked away from years of dreaming and scheming. We worked with my mother- in-law who is an architectural designer to create the elevations, and made sure we had every square inch of the space figured out. My goal was to re-think the space and design a layout that provided better flow, organization, storage, and an atmosphere that tricks you into thinking you like to make dinner. (It’s working so far.)

kitchen elevations

Our kitchen elevations with measurements for reference.

(After the painfully long process of picking the right shade of green.)

The Cabinet Color – Our kitchen cabinet color ended up being an unintentional custom color. After debating many many nuanced shades of green, I decided on Pigeon by Farrow and Ball. F & B paint is a very difficult formula to color match. When our contractors brought by the sample cabinet door to approve it looked different from our original paint sample from a different store, and we realized that we had two different colors on our hands. We ultimately went with the sample that was a little darker and more sage than Pigeon, but it is very similar! I truly love how it turned out. It is such a peaceful and calm color, and I know I will never grow tired of it. The color shifts throughout the day, and is beautiful in the sunlight. These images by Joseph Bradshaw do a much better job capturing the color than my iphone ever has, so consider this your first true look! (Shout out to the colorist at Benjamin Moore in Green Hills Nashville that was able to match our original sample!)

Side note – I do find it humorous that after agonizing over the shade of green to avoid a trendy color, I decide on a shade that ends up being announced by every paint company as the color of the year only months later. Still can’t believe it, but still no regrets.

kitchen renovation

Day 1 of the renovation process – old cabinets were moved to the garage to be used for
a makeshift workshop for Gabe.

custom cabinet build

Choosing custom cabinetry – One of the first steps we took was getting a few quotes from different cabinet companies in the area. We chose to do custom cabinetry in order to maximize the space we had to work with. We knew one of the operating project managers over at Cabinet Makeovers, and we chose to work with them based on their great reviews and feedback we heard from neighbors and friends. They have years of cabinetry experience, and have worked with all shapes and budgets for kitchens. (Quotes for cabinetry can range drastically based on wood costs or specific cabinetry builds, so always make sure you are getting a few quotes in your area.)

We want to take a moment to recommend the company Cabinet Makeovers. They were exceptional at making sure we had everything in place before demo began, and made sure they followed the proposed timeline. I can’t say enough good things about their service, expertise, and craftsmanship. I am pretty sure they are booked solid for months to come, but it’s worth reaching out to them to get an estimate! Our old cabinets are currently living on in their ombré green glory in the garage.

Electric and plumbing – Gabe was basically the general contractor for this project, and co-ordinated everyone’s schedules. We had all of our electrical and plumbing worked out in a few days time through one contracted company called J & L Electric and Plumbing. This made it much faster and smoother than working with multiple people. They came in after cabinetry was installed and before countertops. We had a long task list they were able to go through such as installation of the garbage disposal, hood range, oven, and island light prep. They installed electric strip units below the upper cabinets which gave us more units + USB plugs to work with around the kitchen. We chose under cabinet lighting that is able to be controlled by one remote and one switch. I love the lower light option at night, and it really does a great job dispersing light well. There is so much that goes into the plumbing and electrical, and we were relieved to have someone handle it all for us. We also highly recommend Jomero and his team.

Temporary kitchen setup – During the renovation we set up a makeshift kitchen in our dining room with an electric skillet, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, and bins for dishes. We used our outdoor grill and patio seating a ton, and somehow survived the chaos. (I may be blocking it out of my memory for a while.) We have a utility sink in our garage thankfully that helped with hand washing dishes while ours was out of commission. Our time without a functioning kitchen was pretty minimal since we had everything ready to be installed, all plans to contractors, and schedules aligned.

sage green kitchen cabinets - pigeon farrow and ball

The Hardware Scoop – I shared all about our hardware sources in this post. (Also linked below!) I ordered a few different hardware samples initially to test finishes against the color palette. I love the warmth of antique brass, and it really brought out the warmer undertones in the paint. It can be quite a challenge right now to find all of the parts you need in stock on line for almost everything kitchen related. I ended up finding our hardware in a few different places, and managed to get a hold of the amount we needed. You can absolutely use more than one type of finish in a kitchen, and sometimes it adds more visual interest! (Our stove range is an unlacquered brass.)

Knobs vs. Pulls – I wanted a variation, but chose knobs vs. pulls based on sizes of the drawers. We did knobs for all of the upper cabinets, pulls for the standard size drawers, and knobs for the small or large drawers. Due to the weight of the larger drawers, two knobs or a larger pull was needed. (Sources for everything we used below!)

(Our kitchen on move in day July 2020)

kitchen renovation and design

Marble countertops and backsplash – We shared more about why we chose marble in this post. It surprised me that some marble is a better price point than quartz. The decision to keep a larger open area above the stove was to balance out the heavy cabinetry and make it feel more feel more spacious. It also lifts a lot of the shadows that this kitchen gets. Continuing the marble up as a backsplash felt risky to me, but I knew it would add so much visual balance. Marble stone is like its own work of art, and the waterfall edge was meant to reflect that. I am also happy to report it has been really easy to take care of thanks to the pre-sealing. No stains or etching so far.

We found bookended marble slabs (when the pattern of one slab continues into the next) at CRS Granite here in Nashville. We used 4 total slabs for this space, and type of marble was called shadowstorm. It had subtle warm hues in between the grey pattern that paired so well with the cabinetry. We chose Smokey Mountain Tops to fabricate and install based on the recommendation of our cabinet makers, and as you witnessed on instagram – they did not disappoint! I love getting to witness people who are skilled at their craft. Every person who showed up to help install this heavy marble gave 110%, and worked with such diligence and care. Pop quiz for those who watched it unfold: how many men did it take to install that back slab? 😉

marble waterfall countertop - oak island

We maximized the island space as well adding storage on all three sides! The trash drawer is on the end closest to the marble. We added 5 drawers on this side as well as 3 large drawers on the other end hold our skillet, grill tools, cooking bowls, knife drawer, etc. The opposite side is a more shallow cabinet that we are using as a mini canned goods pantry. Gabe and I both really wanted to incorporate some natural white oak on the island, and it really warmed up the colors in the space!

marble backsplash - green kitchen cabinets
ilve range italian stove

I wrote about the appliances we chose and why in this post, and we are really happy with how they are functioning so far. There is definitely a learning curve with the ILVE gas range burners, but it has several heat settings we are learning for different foods. Even though I didn’t want or need a double stove, I do wish I had gone for a 36 in. which is a tad wider. It is a very well designed and well made gas stove range.

counter depth fridge - jenn air - panel ready
sage green kitchen cabinets
counter depth panel ready fridge
counter depth fridge - panel ready fridge

Counter depth fridge – I was initially hesitant to try a counter depth fridge with our large family, but I have loved the wider and more shallow design. We can see everything easier! We still utilize the garage fridge for extra freezer space (and hello midwest friends-drinks!).

broom closet - In Honor of Design

Broom closet – You know you are getting old, when a broom closet becomes the most exciting thing to happen to you all year. We had about 13 inches to work with, and it was just enough space to create a custom pull out cabinet to store cleaning supplies and the broom which we didn’t have a place for (we only have one other small coat closet on the first floor). It’s a heavier tug and a higher handle so the little ones can’t actually pull it open. I want to give credit to Renovate Blog that inspired this idea!

kohler artifacts faucet

Faucet + Sink – This artifacts faucet has been a workhorse! It is very easy to use with different spray settings and pressure levels. I love that Kohler products are built to last and very well made. It has been quite the power house for my nightly pots and pans wash down. The undermount single bowl ceramic sink was also a choice made with bigger pots in mind. I really liked the seamless look as well. Thank you Kohler for partnering with us on this corner of our kitchen!

built in pantry
built in pantry

There aren’t many older homes we saw here in Nashville with pantry and closet space, so we had to re-think how to work in the pantry with the new layout. We didn’t need or want the big built in desk and bookcase area since there are two in the adjoining room. This built in pantry has been just the space we needed, and gave us more room in the kitchen to work with. It’s about 13 in. deep.

green kitchen oak cabinets custom hood range

Even though these light pendants were originally backordered for months, I never did find anything that complimented this space better! It took till this month to get some of these final details installed, but I have really enjoyed watching the layers come together one piece at a time.

sage green cabinets
open appliance cabinet

Our contertops are cluttered in approx. 15 seconds every day due to school papers, meals, snacks, etc. that tend to pile up from our busy household. Having the appliances off the counter felt like mental decluttering! We use the lower cabinet for our insta pot and crock pot storage.

kitchen design - green kitchen

We initially were supposed to do this renovation a year earlier, but there were several things that kept pushing our timeline back. In the end, I am so relieved we took the extra time to really thing through how we wanted to use the space. There is something extremely rewarding to me about seeing a room used to it’s full potential. I appreciate the gift that this space is to our family. It’s been so fun to share it with you all.

Appliance Pulls – Perigold
Cabinet Pulls
Cabinet Knobs – sold out (similar here)
Broom closet pull – Wayfair
Island Pendants – Shades of Light
Artifacts Touchless Faucet – Kohler c/o
Undermount Sink – Kohler c/o
Window Sconce – Rejuvenation
Stove -ILVE – 30 in. Stainless Steel
Fridge – Jenn Air (purchased locally)
Dishwasher – Jenn Air (purchased locally at A-1)
Lazy susan for corner cabinet
Cookbook stand
Wooden utensils
Floral Art
Small cutting boards
Breakfast Table
Dining Chairs – old model from West Elm (similar here or here)

I think that covers everything! Let us know if we can answer any questions for you. I admit I will miss the design process of this project, but we enjoy actually using the space much more. I am ready for the next project, but maybe one that is a little tamer to tackle!

Thank you Joseph Bradshaw for capturing this space so well!

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  • Such a beautiful and well thought out kitchen. I especially love the slab behind the range. It really does balance things out. I have also really appreciated my counter depth fridge in our kitchen. Similarly, your pantry depth allows cans and jars to not get buried and neglected in the back—-everything is in reach and in sight. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next project in your home.

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment Kelly! Yes – I have really come to appreciate space savers, and also things that are easy to reach. I used to lose track of what was in my fridge and pantry!

  • This kitchen is goals!!! I love it!

  • Rachel Busby

    Soooo lovely!! I adore everything about it! Do you know which lights were used under the counter?

    • Thank you so much Rachel – yes our electrician just hardwired some basic strip lights. I added the link to the post above. Hope that helps!

  • Ling Ling

    WOW just WOW!!! Jaw dropping how beautiful, calm, soothing this space is.

  • Do you have a vent hood above the stove? I love the archway you have. I’m in the midst of planning my own kitchen renovation and getting allll the ideas.

    • Hi Kim – yes! We had to make sure to get one that was up to code for the height and powerful enough. I will try to hunt down the link:)

      • Hello! I am also in the midst of a kitchen renovation and this hood stopped me in my tracks – I would love to know what vent hood you used as well, our cabinet builder is telling us they don’t make vents this narrow, but I’m bound to prove them wrong 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jessica Camerata

    This transformation is insane. Absolutely in love with the color of the cabinets. Stunning! And the hardware is beautiful.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  • Karin Koser

    can yiu share the lazy susan dead cabinet space source please?

  • Farideh Falsafi

    We have plan to remodel our small kitchen and I was wondering how long it takes for cabinets to arrive. Also , where did you order your cabinets?

    • Hi! They were custom made by Cabinet Makeovers. We scheduled them months in advance so when it was time to install, they had everything ready!

  • Jen Vance

    Curious how high your kitchen ceilings are – I absolutely love the area above your stove, but wonder if my ceilings are high enough to consider this. Simply amazing!!

  • Hi Anna, it is so beautiful. I’m wondering if I missed the paint color code/mix somewhere. I thought I remembered you saying you would share at the final reveal since it ended up being a custom color. I’ve had my heart set on this color kitchen for some time and was so excited to see that you chose it for your own kitchen. I really appreciated your walking us through all the steps of your decision making, so I’d like to see if if this color would work for my space. Thanks so much!

    • Anna Liesemeyer

      Hi Martha! Thank you! Yes we asked the colorist about this, and he explained that even a specific color code can look differently per store depending on how the paint store’s machines are calibrated. I think your best bet is to request pigeon by farrow and ball (bring in a sample swatch) with a little more green added in. I hope that helps!

  • Jackie Schroeder

    THANK YOU for the inspiration! My question has to do with the sink and microwave. Do you miss not having a separate sink to dry dishes in? I have heard that from several people with a single farm sink. Also, is it tiresome to have to open the cabinets to use the microwave? Lastly, do you miss not being able to congregate around the center island? Starting to build our SD home and I’m the worst at this!! Blessings, Jackie

    • Hi Jackie! Great q’s:) I never used a sink to dry dishes because we always dried them on the side with a rack or dish towel. Having the big bowl sink has been welcome change since it makes it much easier to wash big pots and pans which was difficult with our divided sink before. I think many elements in kitchen design choices come down to how you personally use the space! We don’t use the microwave a ton so it doesn’t bother me to open the doors to use it. Also, we never used our island for seating so it doesn’t feel any differently. We have our breakfast nook where the kids can sit and hang right next to it. Good luck with your build!

  • Carla Filla

    Absolutely gorgeous. I’m embarking on a kitchen remodel and really looking to maximize space. The pullout broom closet was just suggested to me! I think that’s a game changer. I had never considered the marble for the backsplash. I may just do that. I do have a Samsung 4 door refrigerator, and we did have ice maker issues in the last one, but we repurchased the upgraded model and the whole ice dispenser is whole ice dispenser is different. Time will tell if it continues to be great. The FOUR doors are really easy to use and my kids can’t push down/lean on the door the way they did with the French style deep drawer. I’ll be studying the pantry pics in your kitchen as I’m “losing” the official pantry and working the pantry into the cabinetry. Something we are super excited by — making a niche for the Berkey water filter. We are inserting a niche right into the wall to hold the Berkey. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and all the features. It’s awesome to see it come together.

  • Krizia Liquido

    It is gorgeous and so European! I’m amazed by how significantly larger your kitchen looks compared to the before photos. It is hard to believe it is indeed the same space!

  • I prefer this blog because it has much more informative stuff.

  • Hazel Avery

    Your cabinet color is sooo beautiful. I really haven’t seen a color I like more. I am wanting to get my cabinet painting for my kitchen remodel done soon. I am going to make sure it’s pigeon by Farrow and Ball. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Rainie Bouchee

    The kitchen is beautiful. Mine will be similar. You never mentioned the flooring. What type of product? Brand and color name? Thank you.

    • Hi Rainie! Good q – we had our floors resurfaced. They are white oak and had a dark stain. After sanding down, it was stained with Bona Natural Seal followed by Bona Traffic HD in matte:)

  • Hi Anna

    Credit to you and Gabe for such a lovely kitchen. I would die to have those cupboards! I just love everything you’ve done – the colours, hardware, design and layout. No doubt you’ll be spending lots of time here in the years to come. Congratulations.

  • Amber N Hernandez

    Your kitchen has been my inspiration for my mother’s kitchen renovation. Beautifully designed. I was wondering about your kitchen hood cover, was that a custom design by the cabinet makers?

  • The kitchen is airy, bright, and looks amazing! Loved it!

  • I am totally in love with your kitchen! I also agree that list of installations like the range hood in the kitchen took time but these are worth it!

  • JL Schmedd

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Thank for such a detailed post! I’m in the process of finalizing cabinetry and love how you added the small gap in between each panel. I think it creates an “inset” look but with the benefits of an overlay panel. Was that intentional asked for or is that just how your cabinet maker does it? It looks great, I want to emulate with mine, but not sure what to ask for. Thanks!

  • Your kitchen is beautiful. Thank you for such a detailed post. I love how you left a small gap in between the cabinet panels. It gives an inset feel with the benefits of an overlay panel. Did you specify that with your cabinet maker? Or is that how they normally do it. A lot of the time, it seems, the panels are butted up together.

    Just finalizing our cabinet plans now and want to know how to ask for that from my cabinet maker. Thanks!

  • Love the stacked cabinets! Can you tell me how tall the upper cabinets are? We have 9’ ceilings with 12” of space above our cabinets and I’m wondering if that’s enough space for stacked cabinets and crown molding.

  • This kitchen is gorgeous! I am in love with the cabinet paint color but got a little confused on which actual color it is. What is this final custom color?

  • Kathleen A Shorter

    Beautiful kitchen! Can you share info regarding the paneled refrigerator doors and dishwasher? What brand were the appliances and did they come with a kit ?? Love the look.

  • Alicia Hungerford

    Wow this is absolutely gorgeous. I love how you incorporated these simple design features to make the kitchen shine. I’m doing something similar but I’m stuck with the range hood. I hate them, and I love this false panel you did! What kind of hood/vent did you have to get? Would love the help!

  • Maria Plessas

    Hello, is the countertop and the backsplash marble and if it is what type is it.

    • Hi Maria! It is. It is all shadowstorm marble. I didn’t really want to install tile and grout, but I have recently seen more large marble tile options that look incredible in a kitchen!

  • Your kitchen has been our inspiration in making decisions for our current kitchen renovation! Ours also has a breakfast nook where we eat most of our meals at; did you remove the old light fixture or replace it?

  • Oh my gosh your kitchen is my DREAM! I stumbled upon your site searching the color Pigeon (pretty sure that’s what I am going with on our cabinets) plus I want a natural wood island and now I feel sooooo inspired by your post. This is just beautiful! Do you mind sharing the stain on your island? Is it white oak + a stain? Truly, just so beautiful. I can only hope ours turns out this nice!

  • Melissa Foley

    I love your kitchen! It is serving as an inspiration for my remodel. Would you tell me where you found the beautiful wood sculpture (cutting board?) on your countertop? It adds such a nice artistic touch!
    Thank you!

  • Leslie Zimmers

    I love what you did! I am very focused on the knobs and pulls that you choose and am curious what size. I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I like the balance of the size pulls you selected. It is a challenge for me to have to purchase them without doing the good old fashioned eye test. Are the pulls the 7″ size?

  • salima adels

    do you have an exhaust fam for your range? If so what model is it? thanks. love your kitchen design

  • This came out so beautifully!

    Would u mind sharing the vent hood you used under the arch?
    Are you happy with the hood? -Lucie

  • May I please know the height of your ceiling and the upper cabinet measurements? Thank you so much! This is the best kitchen I’ve ever come across!

  • Jayme Johnston

    love you choice for cabinet hardware and faucet
    did you choose Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass finish for the kohler faucet
    and honey bronze for the top knob pulls and knobs?

  • Beautiful! For anyone else wanting a cabinet color like this, an almost perfect dupe is Nantucket Gray by Benjamin Moore!

  • Nicole Darling

    I got a sample of the pigeon from SW and I didnt love it😭 any chance you had this color matched or Lowes or Home Depot and can share the paint code with us? I know it’s a big ask, but it would help so many of us:) thanks!

  • Disha Vadera

    Your kitchen is very beautiful, Please let me know about the chimney placement . Thanks

  • It turned out so beautiful! I’ve been searching your page and I don’t see a link to the stove vent you used. I’m remodeling my kitchen and am being told they don’t come in sizes that narrow. Any sourcing direction on that would be so so helpful!

  • Ohmygosh! I love love your kitchen.. especially the color of the cabinets.. we have custom cabs that came with the house but is stained a very dark reddish brown.. I HATE IT. I have been dreaming of a grey green but cannot find the right one.. Could you PLEASE send my the formula of yours? I just LOVE it. and it would look perfect in my home.
    Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    What size vent did you put in the hood for it to remain flush across the face? Also, what is the depth of the upper cabinets?

  • Hi!

    Just wondering which door style you picked for your kitchen cabinets?


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