Choosing the right rug for a room.

We have lived in our current rental home for over three years now, and have yet to touch the guest room (which is also the baby room). We are working on a bedroom overhaul with Anthropologie (stay tuned!), and I thought it would be fun to share the process of how I tackle a room from scratch. Here is what we are working with so far…

Bedroom inspo board | In Honor of Design

With our dining room, I started with the rug, and built up from there. This time, I put together the board of items we will be using  from as well as chose the wall color (a light grey), and the rug choice is what will tie it all together. I recently stumbled on Loloi rugs, and was really impressed with their selection, their makers, and how unique the designs were. Here is what I consider when selecting a rug for a room…

Loloi Rugs via IHOD

1) Light or dark colors? – Think through your color scheme and layout a visual board to help you decide if you will go for a bold or subtle color. Bold or dark colors can pull out the more subtle patterns and tones in your room pieces. The rug color also affects how the light hits the room, and where your eye is drawn. I have a tendency for bold color, but since I am leaving the textiles mainly neutral with a hint of color, I wanted the rug to be a darker contrast.

2) Pattern or Solid? – If you have more of a bohemian style, you may be drawn to more pattern play. You can mix many patterns if they compliment each other. I chose my patterns to be mainly in the textiles so that if we need to change things up down the road those are the easiest to switch in and out. Since these patterns aren’t extremely bold, I knew I could go for a little more pattern in the rug. If you have a good deal going on in your bedspread or wallpaper, a solid color rug might be a better option.

3) Texture – The texture of a rug change the overall mood of the room. If you have a shaggy or ultra plush rug, it can offer a cozy bedroom vibe while a short haired/material rug gives a more clean and polished look. Again, this is all determined according to personal style, but I was looking for a short haired rug for the main goal for this space, which is also easier to vacuum and clean!

4) Wear and tear – If the rug will be in a high traffic area of your home you want to choose one that will require minimal cleaning and not reveal as much wear and tear. For instance, I knew my living and family room rugs would have frequent feet walking across them, so I went with darker colors with easy vacuum texture. In our bedroom, I knew it would be mainly just my husband and I in and out of the room so I knew I could get away with a white plush rug. This however wouldn’t survive in my children’s room. Since this room will eventually house the new baby, I chose a darker color that would hide any future stains that are almost guaranteed.

These are just a few things I think about when determining a rug choice. I took a risk with the black and tan rug from the Journey Collection (pictured middle right above), but have a feeling I will love the outcome. It is quite a beauty in person.

What are you drawn to in a rug? I will never tire of looking at and hunting for rugs. When my home is done I will come find rugs for yours, k? 😉

Have a happy hump day!

31 Days of Color: Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover via In Honor of Design

This is our second project with Valspar as part of Ace Hardware’s 31 Days of Color launching at The Paint Studio! Each blogger on the panel was given a color to use in a space, and I received Sun Sparkle. It was a fun challenge to figure out where this would best fit within our home. Since this shade is such a bright and inviting color, I realized I needed it in my laundry room. You know, the place you really dread entering in and discovering what has been sitting in the dryer for a few days…. [Read more…]

Before and After Dining Room Makeover Reveal

We spend the most time as a family and with friends around this table. I knew it was one of the first rooms in our rental house I really wanted to take time to make it feel inviting, as if it were to say, come and sit a spell as we pour you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Here are a few of the before and after dining room makeover photos…

Before and After Dining Room Makeover | In Honor of Design

We started from scratch with nothing but this table Gabe built. (He might share the directions for this one soon!) I knew I would never be able to execute decisions to save my life, so I called in the expert Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior. She is my brilliant and super sweet friend here in Atlanta who does no wrong in the interior design realm. I am so thankful to her for teaming up with me on this project and completely nailing my style. We have another project we are working on we will share soon!

Statement Chandelier | In Honor of Design
Dining room makeover | In Honor of Design

A few behind the scenes things you may want to know…

– Wallpapering was not as difficult as I had anticipated! I followed tips from Yellow Brick Home which was super helpful. Hygge and West also has some fantastic removable wallpaper options for those of you who may not want to commit to permanent.
– We only keep out glassware when we are hosting. When you have busy little ones running around, acrylic glassware is a good option! Otherwise, we keep the rest hidden:)
– Gabe built the bench (measurements and details coming soon), so that we could fit more people on one side! Leaned it up against the wall with pillows for a comfortable lounge area.
– We left the windows without curtains to maximize the natural light. I love as much natural light as possible in a room, and since it is a smaller room, I didn’t really feel like it needed the extra textiles.

Dining Room Bart Cart

So thankful to West Elm for teaming up on this project (they have that mid century modern edge to their pieces that makes me swoon.) All Modern had the statement chandelier that was a welcome and dramatic change to the rental fixture. Plush Rugs had just the right selection of overdyed rugs, and we found the peacock blue hue I was hoping for.

Dining Room Makeover Reveal | In Honor of Design

I look forward to many brunches, birthdays, and long lingering dinners around this table, and hope my little ones can have some of those memories to keep.

Head on over to Style Me Pretty Living for the full gallery of images, why we chose to makeover the dining room first, and how Kristin came up with the color palate and layering the design elements!

All the details:
Rug  // Table – Handmade // Chairs // Bench – Handmade // Pillows  // statement chandelier // Wallpaper // Mirrors  // Bar Cart  // Decanters  // Mercury Vases