Family Halloween Costumes: Neverland Crew

Peter Pan and Crew | IHODPeter Pan, Tink, and Captain Hook

I don’t know if we will be able to pull off a family themed Halloween this year, but we are brainstorming non the less! Any ideas? We might just use the best one! I realized I never posted our family Halloween costumes from last year. Veronica really wanted to be Tinkerbell and since Gabriel and Max think swords are pretty cool, we went for the whole crew…. [Read more…]

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Recently in photos: September Edition

No pumpkins yet here. Just some highlights (and outtakes!) from my iphone and camera reel of the very fast blurry month of September. It’s a slow rainy day here and I am thankful for that. I welcome those types of days with open arms! As we are adjusting our sails with four little ones, our lives at home and outside the home take on a new kind of adventure. Always counting heads to make sure we have everyone with us, and that they all have shoes on their feet at the same time. So our first family outings were close to home in my sister’s backyard for a campfire, at our local fairgrounds for a rodeo, apple orchard, and lakeside for some muscadine grape picking and rock skipping. I wish I could wrap this month up and put it in my pocket….

Little camper (My plaid shirt from AE, jeans from Madewell ^^)

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Rocco Samuel: First weeks of life.

First weeks of life - IHOD

 “And she loved a little boy very much – even more than she loved herself.” – Shel Silverstein

Life with four little ones is as busy as you would expect it to be, and probably more so, but thankfully this new little one brings a familiarity with him as well. A deep rooted confidence takes over as I get to know little Rocco. I know I have been here. It all will settle well. This new life has brought with him that very familiar newborn smell, the tiny sounds and grunts, the long 3AM parties, and the way he fits perfectly into my arms.  It’s all a welcome familiarity of the most rich moments of my life. I feel selfish with time wishing the newborn days would linger a little longer, and that I could pause the ages of my children. This time around, I know just how fast it goes. Wasn’t Max just this size? 

a father's arms - In Honor of Designsiblings - IHODsibling lovebrothersEat Local | IHOD
Veronica and Rocco


little ones

The new experiences I welcome too. The shift in family dynamics has brought some hair pulling moments, and some exhausting days, but as we all adjust to the change, so has each of our demeanors. A mother’s heart can duplicate another for each child, but I am seeing that happen for my children as well. Witnessing their love for Rocco has been perhaps the greatest of it all. After a cranky first few weeks, they each have suddenly turned a new leaf as it always happens just in time it seems. A little older, a little more mature, and a proud adjustment to their new role as guardian, sister, friend, etc. There are still many squabbles and referee times as I try to feed the baby in one hand and keep Max from the draining the dish soap bottle with the other, but thankfully there is so much more love to go around with it all. I mean….it is obvious Rocco is never left alone…

brothersBig sister - IHODmotherhoodRocco Samuelstroller ride


My children have offered me the gift of seeing life beyond material possessions, wanderlust, and the pursuit of success. They have given me the ability to see the eternal and intrinsic value of our relationships. A mother to her children, a child to its mother, a sister to her brother, a father to his sons, etc.

 Since I know how quickly time can pass, I have wanted to just hold Rocco Samuel all day long, or wear him in his wrap, or tote around in his moses basket so as not to miss a thing. These photos will help keep these memories. Lord knows I need the help in the memory department as I just found the milk in the microwave, and my coffee in the fridge….

bear cubsstory time - IHOD

I’ll give you all that update on life with four kids soon. I am still in a postpartum fog. I am trying to be more patient this time around, and am allowing more room and time for the new groove to settle in. So for now, it’s just sleeping, adjusting, eating, feeding, relying on family, friends, and a whole lot of prayer. Figuring out this grand adventure one day at a time. x

*Rocco’s striped blanket is from Little Unicorn, bear hat from baby Gap, striped onesie from Native Wilds, Eat Local Onesie from Twiddle and Tweet, and bedding is from Anthro.  My extra hand and saving grace is the 4moms Mamaroo and BounceRoo, a gift when Max was born.

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