Happy 4th of July Weekend!

4th of July via In Honor of DesignIndependence Day

We changed our plans last minute due to a rainy forecast and stayed put for the weekend. I know, I’m the idiot who thought she could go camping with three little ones at 36 weeks pregnant, but I held onto hope because I realllly wanted to see all of my family. Swallowed that humble pill and moved on to lockdown pastures…

Lightening bugs

It ended up being a really good weekend though, just the 5 of us + baby belly, and a good deal of time with friends. Along with millions of other proud Americans, we did many of the patriotic pastime traditions. You know, something like this…..  the smell of hot dogs on the grill, watermelon stained shirts, wide eyed faces under firework lit skies, chins dribbled with popsicles, grass stains and bandaids,a history lesson from Gabe to the kids on the meaning of Independence Day (ohhh the questions were comical), sparklers, flag waving, lighting bugs, and a few delicious naps in between. 

Land of the free

The babe in utero got a little excited and put me in bed Saturday morning with severe braxton hicks contractions. I kindly reminded him/her that we still had a few weeks to go…their chance to be a firework will come soon enough;)

Baby Claire - In-Honor-of-Design

The highlight may have been getting to meet little miss Claire Vivien in the hospital. I was a little bitter my pregnant pal Jessica had to go have her baby, and leave me in the dust to be pregnant all by my lonesome for a few more weeks, but I quickly forgave her after holding this brand new softer than soft swaddle of beauty. Looking forward to seeing our babes take down milestones together:)

How was your weekend my friends? Hope you had a splendid weekend with your families and loved ones. 

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”  ~Louis D. Brandeis

P.S. Links to some of the maternity pieces I am wearing in the new shop page:)

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